El Cap Reports from June 2007

El Cap Report 06/08/07

ElCap Report 6/8/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... have to be somewhere else in 15 minutes so this is short...

Zodiac.. someone on the direct start... also the two guys from yesterday who topped out with no rain fly... they had a rain fly and they are Brits, Oli and Chris... they make a hammerless ascent too.. nice work.. they came by for beers and socializing this afternoon...


SSPO: Ragan made it off I think this afternoon... saw him at the last pitch at 11am... sweet!


El Cap Report 06/07/07

ElCap Report 6/7/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... Thursday here and this will be just enough to get you to the weekend so you can work on some projects of your own.. today the report comes direct from the water bottle that someone dropped today from Sus Le Toit ledge about 3 in the afternoon... Was that you Timmy? So flop down wherever you are and forget whatever it was that you were supposed to be doing and take 4 minutes for yourself to stay in touch with all the doings on the Cap from the Roof of the Salathe to the last pitch of Zodiac.. here it is ... Today’s ElCap Report.


El Cap Report 06/06/07

ElCap Report 6/6/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... yeah I know that you have been patiently waiting to read this report... you have nothing better to do than sit there and refresh the site every five minutes in hopes it is there.. well here it comes... on the horns of one Bullwinkle who was hanging at the bridge this afternoon and volunteered to gallop up the south side trail back to my ISP so you could get it in time ... thanks to the "Dean"... you can put that raingear away for this one but keep that puffy jacket close at hand and you will be wearing socks too... It was a day marked by a strong, chilly, west wind and a lot of puffy white clouds moving across a broken blue sky at a good clip... where is global warming when you really need it?! So here it comes ... from Heartbreak Hotel to the Sharks Fin...Today'sElCap Report for 6/6/07 a date that will live in honor of thousands of men who died on "D Day" in WWII.. they died so we can live free.

El Cap Report 06/05/07

ElCap Report 6/5/07

By Tom Evans

Yo... grab your raingear and get your bailing bucket out of the trunk because you are going to be floating down the river of tears today as the bailers bailed and the hard men continued undeterred... yes.. it rained on the Cap today.... impossible you say?? Yes, it is true that I predicted it would not rain but just blow over... well guess what rodents??? I was wrong!!! Read the Disclaimer!!!  The day started out cloudy and cool with some wind and it got colder and colder and the wind picked up a bunch... the Bridgies were dressed for the cold... Eric, Cedar, Aaron, Matt, and yours truly started off the day with a nice bottle of wine, complements of Cedar and after a time Ottawa Doug rolled up with the chips, gin and tonics, cobras etc. We also had The "Dean" of photography, show and climbers fresh off the Cap, Arnout, Stephanie (recently freed free rider) Stephane (also freed free rider roped solo), DT and Mom, BW Kate with her new dancing shoes on and Kyle just off a forced bivy on higher spire... Several other just off the wall teams stopped by to bask in the glory too....well the deluge started around 1:30 and we retired to the trees next to the bridge and remained quite dry... the Cap was a different matter with high wind and driving rain for a few hours... here at the bridge we felt badly for our suffering brothers and sisters on the Big Stone so we partied even harder to make up for their absence! So here it is brought to you by Surfer Bob riding the storm surge down the mighty Merced to my ISP... thanks Bob!!


El Cap Report 06/04/07

ElCap Report 6/4/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... All right it is the worst day of the work week... work week? Oh yeah, that’s that thing about spending your time trying to get some $$$ so you can live way above the standard you could be living... and spending all week doing it?? Man.. Don’t think I could do that again... retirement you know... every day is a Saturday for me!! So I have time to sit on the veranda of the Heartbreak Hotel high on ElCap and watch the O'Neil gong show roll their way up the face... good fun... so here it comes direct from Dave Turners mom who showed up last night and wanted to drive it to the ISP in her old Mercedes... the one smoking up the valley... so here it is all the delights and debacles.. the good and the bad and everything in between...Today's ElCap Report.

El Cap Report 06/03/07

ElCap Report 6/3/07

 By Tom Evans

Ok here it comes... I fixed a zip line down from Heartbreak Hotels east deck all the way down to the Bridge railing... so I just grabbed the T bar and went down for the ride of a lifetime... landed at the bridge to find that, Scott Stowe, had taken "My Parking Spot" on the SW corner of the bridge even though he could have used many others... thus I had to shoot in the wind today and that means that a lot of nice climbers will have blurry pictures of themselves .... thanks a lot Scott!!! If you see the man tell him to give us all a break!!!   Actually the pics came out fine and Scott can park anywhere he wants :)  Direct from a vulture to the ISP comes today’s report with the dirt and the dis on all the danglers and manglers on the Big Stone... So drop that slightly used rack that you went out with today and wash those smelly, climbing shoe stains off your feet ... because you want to be clean and not sober to take in the full impact of the news... Today's ElCap Report...

El Cap Report 06/02/07

ElCap Report 6/2/07
By Tom Evans
It’s Friday ... or so they tell me so the rooms at the Heartbreak Hotel are filling rapidly for the weekend and I got down the fixed lines early today in hopes of getting my usual parking space by the Bridge to adventure... got it!! Settled in early with Lance, KFC, Bailer but they left to go do a push on the Zodiac... tons of climbers came by this afternoon and Ottawa Doug is still basking in the glory and is thinking of pitching his family/home and moving onto the east end of the bridge... we had quite a time today.. so much so that I hardly had time to do any shooting!!  Even though you are going out this weekend for some fun remember that your punk existence pales when stacked against the big wallers here on the big stone... so loosen up, listen up, brew up because straight from a shit bag dropped from high on the Cap comes today’s ElCap Report...

El Cap Report 06/01/07

ElCap Report 6/1/0

By Tom Evans 

Yo .. park your butt and turn off that cell phone and get ready for the real dealings from the center of the Ditch... that is of course the ElCap Bridge... the place of fame and the walk of shame... so, coming fresh to you from the Salathe's Ear to Zodiacs Nipple on the wing of our resident Mallard, Maynard (with his lovely lady Minnie close at his side) is today’s report .... approved by the Heads at the Heartbreak Hotel... today's ElCap Report...

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