Sierra Magazine publishes article about climbing photographers, including me.

The Sierra Club Magazine has included an article, in its March/April issue, about climbing photographers that includes me. 

Check it out.





Where R U ??? Where IS every-one else here ??? \"-"/
I am off for the winter and will be back in Yosemite to start up the report and the climbing season on 15 May 2012.
There are climbers in the Valley and on ElCap at this time but not many.  Check back on May 15th!!!
Tom Evans

article in SC mag

I just finished reading the sierra article. I am not a climber but I have more respect for you folks with the cameras than I do for the climbers. They "just" climb, while photographers lug their junk, set it all up, hang there and take the pictures, AND MAKE THE CLIMB! And then they take it all back down with them. I still think you are all nuts but you do some really cool stuff.

Steve in Wis.