In Memory of Chris Chan, 9 July 2010

In Memory of Chris Chan who died on 7/09/10 in Yosemite.

By Tom Evans

Our wonderful friend, Chris Chan, died from a fall while traversing, unroped, along the North Face of Eichorn Peak, in the high country of Yosemite National Park.

She was an unusual person with many interests. Her friends most often mention her enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer. She was highly educated and yet a person of great humility. Her smile was legendary and she made friends instantly.

I first saw her through my camera lens, as she made an ascent of the Salathe Wall, in June of 2007, with Clint Cummins. I later met her briefly at the ElCap Bridge some time after that climb. It was a delight to have her around as she was always laughing and enjoying herself. I was fortunate in being able to photograph her solo climb of the Shield on ElCap. I had missed her solo of Zodiac a few weeks before as I had yet to arrive to shoot the Fall Season in 2009. Her solo of the Shield was an inspiration to all who were able to read about it on the ElCap Report, or witness it, from the Bridge, in person.

After the Shield she came by the Bridge and hung out with her many new admirer’s. Later in the Fall we would talk from time to time about what she wanted to do in her future. She was uncertain but wanted to be sure that climbing was a part of it. The Season closed out and she went to China and I went home.

This past Spring I came up and photographed as usual and got word of a woman solo on Tangerine Trip. Some friends said they thought her name was Trish so I followed “Trish” as she went up the climb. The ascent drew a lot of attention as this “Trish” person was a good climber and no one seemed to know anything about her. Well, after the climb was over, who should walk up to me at the Bridge but Chris, all grubby looking, like she had just done a big climb. Ahhhh, the mystery was solved!! Trish turned out to be Chris herself!! We all had a good laugh from it and she said she didn’t want to be identified because she was uncertain if she could do the route after being away from wall climbing for many months! I last spoke to her a few days before her death…. I have to tell you, my heart is so broken over this event that I can hardly stand to think about it…

Below are some shots I took of her on the Shield, at the Bridge, and on the Trip.

She will be missed ….

Facebook link to Memorial page for Chris

Chris coming back to the Belay after climbing the Roof Pitch on the Shield.

























Chris after leading the Groove Pitch on the Shield.
























Chris packing up her kit on the Shield.






























Climbing past the Canoe on the Shield.

























Climbing to Chickenhead ledge.


























Chris taking a break on Chickenhead ledge.


























Chris and the obligatory Cobra shot at the Bridge after just getting down from the Shield.


























Chris and the Bridge Crew the afternoon of her descent from the Shield.



















Chris with her many friends and admirer’s at the Bridge.

























Chris cleaning the 5th pitch on Tangerine Trip in mid June this year.

























Chris traversing on the Slab Pitch on the Trip.

























Tom Evans and Chris Chan at the Bridge in Yosemite, after her solo climb of the Shield on El Capitan.


















So, we remember our friend and are richer for having had her with us, albeit for such a short time…

Chris Chan, gone but never to be forgotten.