Late Season ElCap Report 6/30/13

Late Season ElCap Report 6/30/13

By Tom Evans

Yo… Climbing on ElCap did not stop when the Report stopped.  I am posting a few late season shots here for your viewing pleasure.  All the action has been on the Nose and Salathe, so that’s what we have here.

All of ElCap is now open to climbing.  Falcon restrictions lifted!  Mescalito etc. all open!

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

The first 9 shots are of the Nose and the last is of the Salathe.

1)  Bag hauling on the pitch above Dolt Tower.

























2)  Attack of the killer ropes!!!  Stoveleg crack. 


























3)  Legendary, shitty bivy spot, Camp 4, on the Nose … fair for two, and if you have a ledge, then it’s a lot better, especially if 4 have to stay there!  Caleb, Don, Orin, and Brian, getting to know each other!


























4)  Bob Bautista, running like a man, not a Jr. Hi. Cheerleader!

























5)  Sweet shot from out west, of a King Swing team, while two other teams take it all in.

























6)  Hitting the King Swing … nice!

























7)  Pitch above Camp 6, on the Nose.


























8)  Reaching high on the last pitch of the Nose.


























9)  The end of the Nose route… Sweet!


























10)  Two poorly dressed teams, none the less, get their pictures taken.  The team traversing left, under the roof, is on Freerider, while the bag team is on the Salathe.  Mothers of America, teach your children the appropriate dress for ElCap!!!

























Ok… that’s your last dose of Tom Evans photography for the next two months.  If you are starting to get withdrawal symptoms, then start at the beginning of the season and read the reports in order again!  ElCap will be completely empty after Bob's team tops out this afternoon.  The heat is brutal in the Valley at this time and everyone is laying off the Cap for the time being.

So that’s the way it is, for this Sunday, the 30th day of June 2013.

Outta here!

Capt. Tom





Photo # 3

Thanks for the great photos, Tom -- I've been waiting all week to see these! It looks like Photo # 3 is Caleb from Vancouver, and Don, Orin, and Brian, from Colorado, all getting cozy at Camp 4. Nice job, guys!

That Salathe photo is

That Salathe photo is awesome, Tom!


agreed. really like the

agreed. really like the salathe photo.