ElCap Report 9/24/13

ElCap Report 9/24/13

By Tom Evans

Yo…Nice day here but some clouds floated by later in the day, forerunners of some rain tomorrow afternoon I hear.  Not a lot of different routes being done on the great rock… mostly… you know the one… the King!  The Facelift is on now and the first program is tonight so this will be short and sweet.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world! 

NA Wall:  The trio bailed this morning.  Guess they dropped the stick!

Nose:  Two parties from yesterday topped out this afternoon and a gaggle of NIAD’s stormed the cliff.  We also had a throw back from the 80’s when Mich and Koen, from Belgium, climbed on the center of the route with Mich in pink spandex pants and a red shirt! 

1)  Mich is seen here finishing the King Swing while two other NIAD climbers watched as they climbed to the top of the Boot.






























2)  Today was the last of two “Moon Days” this year, and I got lucky with Mich and Koen being in the right place at the right time.





























3)  Libby and Mayan quickly came up from lower down and I shot this one of Libby doing the Boot while two other teams were backed up a pitch higher.




























4)  Mich and Koen climbed higher and by now were at the back of the line.  Here they are finishing the Lynn Hill Traverse.






























5)  Higher, Wally Fox and Max Tepfer climbed ahead of most of the NIAD’s due to their 2am start.  Here they are on the Great Roof this morning.






























6)  Mich and Koen were at the end of the line by mid afternoon where I spotted them on the Great Roof from way down south.































7)  The super hot women’s team, of Mayan and Libby, cruised past most other teams on a practice run as it has been a while since either have done the route.  Mayan is one of the present record holders while Libby had the record a couple of years, both with Chantel.  Here we see Libby all alone at the belay on the pitch to the Alcove.  They did 8 houors and change which is really good for a practice run!!!!!!!!!!!!!






























3D:  I did see a couple of teams on the Muir part of the route.  One was Mash Alexander and partner, Geoff Bindeman, who were on Grey Ledges.  I don’t know the guys who were lower. 

8)  Horse Play:  I couldn’t see Pete due from the Bridge so I slid out west and saw him just left of “The Ledge” on the Dihedral Wall.





























Lurking Fear:  I did spot a team high on the route but couldn’t tell who they are.

9)  ElCap as it looked when I departed the Bridge today.  Nice clouds but rain on the way.




























In other news:  The crew on Octopussy did break the 24 hour barrier yesterday by throwing down an 18:06.

10)  Some of the Crew at the Bridge this afternoon.


























So that’s the way it is, for this Tuesday, the 24th of September, 2013.

Later, Tom




surreal moon shot

that photo with moon is awesome!

exceptionally nice shots--

exceptionally nice shots-- looks really clear