ElCap Report 9/22/13

ElCap Report 9/22/13

By Tom Evans

Yo… We had a crystal clear day here in Yosemite.  Yesterday’s storm came and was gone by midnight.  It was strong enough to force several teams off the wall and make things interesting for those left on.  However, all the crews up there seemed ok today and moved steadily along.  Cool lighting made for some great shots all day long… so saddle up and ride high with old Capt. Tom. 

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

Zodiac:  The team of Andrew, Mark, and Wade climbed above the Mark of Zorro this morning and were working above Peanut Ledge when I departed around 2:30pm.  Off by late evening.

1)  This shot shows Mark cleaning, while the others wait on the stance.






























2)  This one shows Andrew leading the pitch to Peanut Ledge.































Lower down the deuce team climbed into the circle and were heading toward the start of the Nipple when I left.

3)  Belay at the bottom of the White Circle, this afternoon.






























4)  Tribal Rite:  Kevin DeWeese climbed the Rurp pitch late this morning and you see him here at its end.






























5)  Nose:  The only team on the route last night was a deuce team high in the final corner.  They were well equipped with a ledge and fly so they apparently did just fine.  Here they are topping out late in the morning.  With this climb over the great route sits empty… who will be the first team in the Legs?






























Sunkist:  Keenan and Matt were in an exposed position, high on the route, but seem to have had no difficulties with the weather.  They got a late start this morning but went right to work.  They should be off tomorrow evening.

6)  Keenan leading off the belay as the light came on them.






























After Keenan’s lead, Matt got the sharp end and climbed one of the hardest pitches on the route.

7)  Matt Lambert, hammering in some insurance.






























8)  Shot from miles down south, this shot shows Matt out on his lead and the vast sweep of the South West Face in that area.































9)  Golden Gate:  The triple team who rapped in yesterday, before the storm, was up and working the route when I arrived.  Here we see the Golden Desert pitch getting some attention.  Notice the famous Canoe, on the right of the shot.





























10)  Lower down on the route, Stefan and Teno, who were blasted at the start of the storm, are seen here drying out and soaking up some warmth at the base of ElCap Spire.






























11)  They climbed onto the Golden Gate in late morning and I got this shot of them from way down south.






























Horse Play:  I took a look at Pete this afternoon but he was still ledged up with the half pitch he did yesterday, waiting above.


In other news:  The Face Lift starts in just two days and all the old guys are coming in along with the crew of regulars.  Should be a great time!

12)  After storms like yesterday’s, it’s common to see climbers spreading gear and clothing out to dry at the edge of the EC Meadow, like these heroes of climbing did this morning.  I wish Holly was giving that back massage to me, instead of Wigball!




























13)  Saku came by the Bridge, after cleaning up from his recent solo of Zodiac.  The man looked great and was in high spirits about the climb.



























My tent did pretty well last night, with only a few puddles of water here and there.  Hopefully the weather will hold for a while.

Thought of the Day.  While most of us like to learn, very few like being schooled.

So that’s the way it is, for this Sunday, the 22nd of September, 2013.

Later, Capt. Tom


Great shots, Tom. Love the Sunkist pics! It's also good to see Saku after his proud send. Jordan and I were lucky enough to run into him after his Prow solo and share our Zodiac psych. Keep the reports coming! It helps keep us that would rather be in the Valley stoked!


The Bridge

Great pics Tom. Beverage delivery and status chat later this week. Fattrad