ElCap Report 6/13/13

ElCap Report 6/13/13
By Tom Evans
Yo… Today was absolutely one of the most beautiful Spring days I have ever seen, with cobalt blue skies, air clear as crystal, sun warm but not hot, and good company in the EC Meadow all day! Yep, it doesn’t get better than this! The action was mostly on the Nose and Zodiac but other routes are prepped and ready to go.
Today’s ElCap Report….written just for you…unique in all the world!
1) ElCap, taken from my spot in the shade of the meadow.
Zodiac: The top Korean team, lead by Toe Hong Um, made up for yesterday’s errors and pressed above
Peanut Ledge while I shot today. They may have topped out by now.
2)  Here we see Toe Hong climbing the corner of the pitch to Peanut Ledge. This is a difficult pitch to
photograph in full daylight, but nice in early morning shade.
3) The father/son team, of Scott and Matthew Phillips, climbed the Circle today and I got this shot of Matthew leading the famous Nipple pitch this afternoon.
4) Late in the day, I shot the 3rd Korean team, moving up into the center of the Circle.
The Second Korean team made it to the pitch photographed in shot number 2 above. They may be on Peanut tonight.
5) Lost in America: Jonas and Jean have made the top of this excellent route. Here they are almost to the top. Both climbers have overcome serious health problems and had not been on ElCap in several years. This was an excellent ascent and I am psyched for them both!!
6) South Seas to Pacific Ocean (SSPO): I was surprised to see Ottawa Doug jugging, miles of fixed line, up to the precarious belay, at the end of the ramp on pitch 3. He then hauled his kit from the deck, all the way to the belay. Lots of work in that effort!
The Nose: There were parties spread all over the route today. The first team I noticed was the survivors of the Death Squad. Doug and John did the King Swing just before I arrived and climbed well to the Great Roof as I departed.
7) John climbing past the Tan Band, leading to the Traverse to Camp 4.
8) Below them was the team of three I shot yesterday, climbing the Legs. Here they are moving across the King Swing in a manner not recommended by this writer.
9) High on the route I spotted the mixed team of, Karin and Dave, who topped out just before the 3D team this afternoon.
The Legs had several big teams going slow and the outcome of the day is in doubt for them.
Salathe: I did see the “elderly” team, of Todd and Elaine, climb from the Spire to the Block today but the light was not good for a shot of high enough quality for the report. They are climbing well.
I was just looking around when something strange caught my eye on the 4th pitch of the Nose. Look there…on
 the back of the climber….Was it really there??? Really??? What I thought it was???
It was!!! 
10) STICK OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that’s the way it is, for this Thursday, the 13th day of June, 2013.
Until tomorrow,
Capt. Tom is out…

Stick of the day!

Thanks Captain!
That ramp pitch on South Seas looks very strange and interesting.
Is it awkward to climb it?

My day is complete

Have made my week with Stickoftheday!!!!!! Your work is done for the season. Thanks for the laughs.

that nipple shot gets me

that nipple shot gets me going!!!!!

who knew you'd have to look low on the nose to find the stick of the day. good stuff!

good report tom!