ElCap Report 5/27 to 5/30/2014

ElCap Report 5/27 to 5/30/2014

By Tom Evans

Yo... Spectacular weather doesn't seem to be enough to bring in many climbers... so this is YOUR chance to get on that route you always wanted to yourself!  The climbing that is going on is of a high quality.  James McAffie and partner Dan just got down from a send of El Nino, just a few days after Tobias Wolf and his partner Thomas did the route.  Hudon and Jones made it back from their climb of Reticent.  Honnold and Allfrey are in the Valley now and are formulating some amazing plans... stay tuned.  Team Extreme Riders, from Korea, are due in soon.  So the stage is set for good things to happen.

Today's ElCap Report.... written just for you... unique in all the world!

1) King Swing... this guy has a lot of reach but is still a bit high, in trying to cross the corner at its widest point.  He soon went lower and got it.




























2) A team working up Pancake Flake, on the Nose, late in the day.




























3) Early morning on the Lynn Hill Traverse, Nose route.





























4) Solo climber, Matan, on Zodiac's Nipple pitch.  He mostly lays around all day but got it going early this day and knocked off two pitches. Sweet!





























5) James McAffie working on El Nino, high above the Cyclops Eye, while partner Dan tugs him back after a fall.





























6) A team climbing the Pancake Flake on the Nose.


























7)  Italian team on Tangerine Trip.





























8) Top out on the Salathe Wall.




























9) The entrance into the Alcove, high on the Nose route.





























10) The universally disliked pitch into Camp V on the Nose.




























11) Mash Alexander, swinging around on the bolt ladder at the top of the Nose.




























12) Bonus shot... I took a cruise to the South Pacific this winter and got this shot of the island of Moorea, French Polynesia, at sunrise.  The most beautiful island we visited!  The channel in the water is made by the boundary of the reef we crossed going into Papeete, Tahiti... only 8 miles away from Moorea.




So that's the way it is, for this Friday, the 30th day of May, 2014.

Later, Ansel Evans

How are the I-talians doing

How are the I-talians doing on Mescalito? I like Pavarotti Gershwin. He was singing Summertime the other morning.

Cheers, eh?

Amazing pictures as always,

Amazing pictures as always, Tom! Thank you so much! (P.S. In regards to the soloist on Zodiac, this is his first big wall ever and he's going at it solo! We are all so proud of him!)


And well you should be...everyone does things in a different way and it is all good. Tom