ElCap Report 10/7/2014

ElCap Report 10/7/14             

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Great weather continues here in Yosemite but a little too “good,” as climbers are complaining about the heat…welcome to global warming!  While the Nose has a couple of parties on it the other routes, on the Report, have just one party at the moment.

Fire in above El Portal today and smoke is drifting into the Valley.  It looks like another bad one, rapidly climbing the hills above Arch Rock.  Air fire fighting tanker crashed working this fire... so sad to hear....


Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

PSD:  Erik Erikson and Dana Eubanks have ropes fixed to the top of the third but were not seen on the route today.  I figure they will be hauling kit later in the evening when the sun is off the face.

Zodiac:  The team we saw from yesterday has moved higher on the route and were an hour or so from climbing the Black Tower when I left a bit past two.

1)  Finishing the bolt ladder pitch (#5) early this afternoon.





























2)  Tempest:  I spotted Paul Gagner hauling kit from the top of the second pitch this afternoon and assumed that Jeremy Aslaksen was down below, out of sight.  So steep there!































Nose:  The French team, of three we saw yesterday, spent the night on ECT and had some problems moving equipment across on the King Swing this morning. 

3)  They bailed from Eagle Ledge.  They were organized and did a good job of it… but still……..BAIL OF THE DAY!!!






























4)  Behind them was a two man Spanish team, who also had problems moving freight past the King Swing.  However, they continued and were climbing toward the Grey Bands when I left.





























There were a few teams lower, the first of which made Dolt Tower around noon.  The others were pretty low in the Legs for the time of day.


Golden Gate:  The “wide team” of Brits, Pete and Tom, finally came into view this morning on this classic Huber free route.  Here are a couple of shots of first Tom and then Pete climbing the traverse above the Golden Desert pitch.  I have seen very little of them and have had no contact about their plans.

5)  Tom































6)  Pete






























Salathe:  The guys, who climbed from Hollow Flake to past the Spire yesterday, were spotted on the Headwall this afternoon.  Here are three shots of them.
























































































That’s about it for climbing shots for today.  So for your viewing pleasure, I am enclosing a couple of shots from my house, high on a mountain on the east side of Crestline CA.

10)  Fourth of July fireworks.































11)  Winter view from the west deck of the house.  This is why I like to go cruising to tropical seas, in the winter!!





























12)  Pago Pago, American Soma… late winter cruise!





















So that’s the way it is, for this Tuesday, the 7th day of October, 2014.

Be happy!

Capt. Tom





Dolt Tower Around Noon

The two fellows that made Dolt around noon, was myself and my partner (Ben Eaton and Abe Shreve). We ended up bailing because we were drinking up our water faster than we expected. It's comforting to hear that others were complaining about the heat too. For a while there I thought we were just being pansies about the heat.

It was an honor meeting you and chatting a bit. Until next time...

Tempest - Paul Gagner

Thanks for the report Tom! Since Paul's ground crew (wife & daughter) can't be there we appreciate seeing things through your lens...

Thanks Tom

Looking forward to seeing the photos of Tom and Pete, thanks again