ElCap Report 10/31/11

ElCap Report 10/31/11
By Tom Evans

Yo… I spent a really nice afternoon in the ElCap Meadow, in perfect weather.  Tommy is taking the day off so that leaves me with some free time.  There is not a lot to write about but I do need to make a correction from yesterday.  
The Hans/Honnold show on the Nose is not starting until between 9 and 10 a.m.  So include that in your plans.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

Prophet:  I talked to Will in the Café and he said they were going to try to go for the push starting Thursday, but there is weather coming in then so it is all up in the air.

Zodiac:  Walker Mackey and Jenny, a friend, were fixing on the first two this afternoon.
1)  Zodiac’s second pitch, Jenny leading.




























2)  Higher up, Alex Buisse, who fixed last week is back on the route now and was spotted climbing past the Black Tower and will bivy at its top.


























NA Wall:  The Ranger contingent climbed out of the Cyclops eye bivy and were about ready to get on the reverse traverse above.
3)  Ben Doyle doing the NA crawl on the traverse pitch.






























4)  Jesse McGahey takes a long look at seconding the traverse behind Ben.






























5)  The whole team and kit moving up.































Lower down Mike and Aaron fixed the first pitch this afternoon after hauling kit to the base.  These inexperienced wall climbers will pull of a major send if they pull this one off, as we expect. 

Freerider:  Mandy and Nate are making a run at Freerider after stashing kit on the Block.
6)  Move to the Monster crack.



























In other news:  The season is closing down now and the weather may catch some of the late season projects off guard.  Hopefully it won’t shut down things for Tommy and the boys on the Prophet.
So that’s the way it is, for this the last day of October, 2011.
Later, Tom

Nice shots again!

what's up with that crawl on the NA wall?