El Cap Report 05/23/08

ElCap Report 5/23/08
By Tom Evans

Break out the Gortex, head for the Cafe, get the laundry done, catch up on your email... rain in the valley today but not steady. The Cap cleared off like the rats off the Titanic! The bridge was cold and damp today. Folks wandered through on the way to hiking loads to the base of the Cap. Good day for that! There was a team on the nose hauling to the top of Sickle. The other teams all bailed including the AAC belay testing unit. All down safely. All the teams near the top yesterday made the top and all are down save the Brits who are staying on Long ledge on the Salathe for some reason.
On Zodiac Lee and Ben Cossey kept the pace up and climbed into the White Circle free. Nice stuff guys! They are looking good and this cool weather is really better for them as they do not get wet and the rubber is stickier.
Several parties are getting ready for the weather to break... who knows when.

So that's the way it is on this the 23rd day of May 2008. Remember to read the last 5 paragraphs of ElCap-pics does the walk of shame posted earlier. Could save you some trouble some time...
Bye.. Tom Evans