ElCap Report 9/29/2014

ElCap Report 9/29/14        

By Tom Evans

Yo…Finally the stormy weather has passed on to the east and spectacular Fall conditions have settled in again.  The storm was far more powerful than we had anticipated but the teams remaining on the Cap all fared well and are continuing upward.  The rain was much needed and hopefully cut the fire season short in this area at least.


Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you..unique in all the world!

Bad to the Bone:  The Canadian team moved within a pitch or so of the top this afternoon when Pete finished a lead he started yesterday just before the rains came pouring down.

1)  Here he is working on that pitch in early afternoon.





























2)  Zodiac:  The team of Jeff and Caleb launched today after fixing a couple just before the storm.  They looked good and were climbing to the start of the Black Tower when I left at 2:30pm.



























VA/Trip:  Neil and Maria spent the storm lounging, well protected by the overhanging rock above.  Today they climbed the 9th pitch of the Trip and were seen going higher by afternoon.

3)  Maria leading off on the 9th of the Trip.






























4)  Maria hauling kit while Neil cleans.































5)  Neil finishing up on the 10th pitch in mid afternoon.






























Nose:  Doug and Dennis have moved over to the Nose now and spent the storm on top of Texas Flake after fixing the Boot above.

6)  Dennis is cleaning while Doug is finishing setting the bags in preparation for the King Swing.  Dennis went down for the swing and after a time got the right position but just didn’t believe at first.






























7)  After Dennis got the swing done, Doug lead the pitch into the Grey Band.































Far below the mob fought and scrapped for a place in the exponentially expanding line at the base of the route.  One team did make Dolt Tower in mid afternoon and I assume they continued to ECT.

Son of Heart:  While I was out west this afternoon I saw Skot Richards and Mark Hudon hauling kit above Heart ledge.  Mark was hauling and chatting with a couple other teams who looked like they were Free Blasters.


Salathe:  I spotted two well dressed free climbers, coming up from Lung ledge, who made quick work of the Hollow Flake and the chimney above.  I last saw them heading to the Alcove.

8)  Here they are climbing the pitch to the Ear.






























9)  After the Ear they climbed the Monster crack so I assume they might be Freerider candidates.





























Lower down a couple of teams were moving toward Lung Ledge.


10)  While out west I noticed a couple of teams on the first few of Lurking Fear.































In other news:  Now that the Face Lift is over, and the weather has improved we expect to see the Captain getting a lot more action.  I will keep an eye the Great Rock and let you know what is going on.

So that’s the way it is, for this Monday, the 29th day of September, 2014.

Capt. Tom



thanks for the cool pics, didi (aut) and simon (nzl)from the yellow bag team some days ago ...

Thanks Tom!

More great pics and report.