ElCap Report 9/28/2014

ElCap Report 9/28/14

By Tom Evans

Yo... continued rain today heavy at times... no one climbing much ... just sitting waiting for the weather to clear.  Two teams on the Nose topped out this afternoon after what must have been an uncomfortable night at Camp 5 and 6.

Later Capt. Tom

Great work Tom

We were the second team to top out that day (matching orange helmet/tan haul bag team). Yup, the low point was that night- but at least we began the next morning with a packet of oats each!

Keep it up!

Seth & Erik

Nice Job Seth & Erik

Glad ya'll made it out! The weather got pretty real there on the last day. I was actually a bit worried about ya'll, but we were getting rained on and daylight was slipping by so we headed down. I have some pictures of one of ya'll on the changing corners pitch if you are interested.

# of times using "ya'll" = 3

RE: Y'all-er

We don't blame you for heading down - you guys turned it on and blasted the final 5 p's! We almost made hot soup at the top - chilly rapping the (waterfall)descent ledges, eh? Sorry no pics of y'all (would have been butt shots anyways) but would love the pics! seth.keena85 at gmail dot com

Take care!

Thank You!

Hey Tom! I was one of the two people in the first team to top out on the nose yesterday. We were super-lucky with the weather and had made camp at camp 6 before the rain came on Saturday so everything was gravy. Then yesterday the rain was nice enough to wait until we topped out.

Thank you for the pictures of us at the great roof and camp 4 from Saturday. I was wondering if you were keeping watch down there. That is me in the orange jacket. You are the man!