ElCap Report 9/26/14

ElCap Report 9/26/14    

By Tom Evans

Yo… A few drops of rain fell in the middle of the last night.  Nice clouds all day and great light for shooting climbers.  Windy and cold at the Bridge.  This will be the Report for this day and I will put all the shots in when I can.  Still looking for good internet.  If anyone reading this is living in the Valley, I would be happy to pay you 2X your monthly internet bill to use your internet for about a half an hour a day.  Contact me ASAP if you can help with this problem… thousands of climbers and loved ones of climbers on the wall will thank you!!

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

Bad to the Bone:  The Canadians are doing well and nearing the last few pitches of the climb. 

1)  Here we see Dom and John climbing later in the day now on Eagles Way.






























Zodiac:  Three teams are on the route, spaced a day apart.

2)  The highest team made Peanut ledge this afternoon and will most likely spend the night there.  Here they are leaving the bivy below the Devils Brow.





























3)  The next team down, Didi and Simon, climbed into the through the White Circle and were headed to the bivy the former team occupied.  Here they are on the Nipple pitch early this afternoon.






























4)  Lowest are Brian and Shayna who fixed two yesterday.  Here we see Brian almost at the end of the third pitch around 2pm.






























5)  Virginia to the Trip:  Neil Chelton and friend Maria spent the night at the crossroads of the regular Trip and VA start.  Here they are lounging on their ledge in the mid morning.






























6)  Maria lead the pitch above the bivy without difficulty.






























7)  New Dawn:  Doug and Dennis made LLL last evening and enjoyed the spacious ledge.  Here they are chatting a bit over some breakfast on Lay Lady Ledge.































Nose:  A team of three, from yesterday, with the best dressed climber on the wall, topped out early this afternoon.

Below them, a team climbed from Dolt Tower, passed the KS, and were in the Gray Bands as I departed.

8)  The lowest team climbed from Sickle to ECT as I shot.  Here they are in the Stovelegs in an exceptionally clear shot…so nice when there is no glaring sun!































9)  Salathe:  This team made very good time past Hollow Flake, and the Ear and were at the Alcove by 3pm.  Here they are starting the notorious Ear pitch.






























10)  ElCap seen from the Bridge this morning… Sweet!!





























11)  Stan and Joe hiked along the river this afternoon as part of their contribution to the Face Lift.  Stan spotted what looked like a picnic table in the river… it was!!  So they hauled it out.  Here they are crossing the Bridge with a little help!




























So that’s the way it is, for this Friday, the 26th day of September, 2014.

Later, Capt. Tom