ElCap Report 9/25/09

ElCap Report 9/25/09
By Tom Evans
Yo.. Brilliant today here in the Ditch.  Hordes of climbers came by the bridge today and we partied late into the afternoon.  You missed it!!!
I need to get out of here … so this will be to the point.
Today’s ECR… just for you.. Unique in all the world.

Zodiac:  The team with the cool hats is most likely off by now as they climbed to Peanut Ledge by 4pm.
1)  Hauling to Peanut ledge.



























Trip:  A team of two, Italians, Jerry and Silvestro, who fixed a couple of days ago came on the route in earnest this morning but climbed really slow and even belayed in the middle of the 5th pitch.  By the time I left they were still there.  Looks like a bail in the immediate future to me. 
2)  Juggin to the Trip early in the day.

























3)  Belay and cleaning on the 5th of the Trip.





























Iron Son:  This team climbed over the roof by the EC Tree while I was gone yesterday and today they did the Knife Blade Traverse and climbed up the Spoon as I departed.  This three man team of, Mike Ward, Simon Peck,and dave melchior looks good and should cruise the route.
4)  KB Traverse.




























Nose:  Swiss team of Adrain and Silvia turned the Great Roof in early afternoon and were closely followed by the deam of two below.  

5)  The swiss were soon close behind the team above them.




























They were all starting into C5 when I left.  Below them a team of two climbed from ECT to camp 4 in the late morning and were on the roof as I departed.  One team member is dressed in red pants and a yellow shirt, the other yellow pants and a black shirt.  Looking good boys!!
Lower down a team of three climbed the Legs today and made Dolt by mid afternoon.  ECT for these folks tonight.

A team bailed from Dolt early in the day and they said it took forever to get to Dolt last night... psyched out .... they went down.  We gave them Cobras anyway!
6)  Hauling to Dolt.


























Shield:  Amanda and Scott climbed smoothly today and make Chicken head ledge by 4pm. 
7)  Amanda cleaning on the Shield with Kevin’s bags nearby on the Canoe.



























8)  Kevin and Scott side by side on the Shield headwall. 

























Albatross:  Kevin continues to roll up the route and raced neck and neck to Chicken Head ledge but Scott got there first.

Salathe:  I team climbed to the Ear from Hollow Flake and were climbing the pitch to the Alcove as I left.

9)  Old friend:  The ElCap Tree, still hanging on to a harsh existence.























10)  In other news:  The bridge was jammed all day and a good time was had by all.  Chris Chan was the center of attention for a time but wonders what all the fuss is about!
























Tonight at the Face Lift there is the Stone Masters slide show and rumor has it that John Long will be there after long absence from the Valley.  Winky is giving the show and it should be good.
So that’s the way it is for this the 25 day of September 2009.
Later Tom



that was supposed to be Can you see Russ.


Can you Russ?

He was supposed to be getting on Wings of Steel either Friday night or early Saturday. Great reports!
Steve Ortner

Silvia & Adrian

Eilet mit Weile. Go, go, go, but not too fast.
Greatings from Switzerland.
Ruth & Robert

Prod sez....

I love the El Cap tree! Great report.


Way to go all the summiters this season!!!!!

For the historical factor Pete, yes...I agree. If you are trying to duplicate the experience the fa'ers had as close as possible, you can't without the rotten aid and runout free climbing. But either way you shake it...you are climbing a pretty bitchen part of the wall. I think Variations are cool...why not? There are no rules, it's just a rock.

Not like you havent ever avoided the crux of a route anyway... how about The Leavatator on Scortched Earth?

Its cool to see so many folks at the bridge. can't wait to drink a beer with you guys and get my Monkey on.


Go climbers go!

Run that town tonight!!!


Dude, The math was ok......This requires LITERACY!
OMG. Cheers. Skully(again, or still)


Yeah, man, DO IT!

You rule. You are El Cap Tree.
Cheers, Skully

climbers on iron son

Climbers on Iron Son (are we sure they are doing Iron Son or Hawk?) are Vegas hardmen Mike Ward, Simon Peck, and Dave Melchior. Kick as guys