ElCap Report 9/24/09

ElCap Report 9/24/09
By Tom Evans
Yo… Whoa, splendid day here in the slit.  Good action on the Captain with only the Nose feeling the effects of the crowd.  Fall is here now for sure.  I noticed several oak trees at the Lodge have started turning color and some of the Maples on the South Side Drive have a few yellow leaves on them too…. Man, I can’t wait for the colors to come on strong.  This is the best time of year for me here in the Valley.  I would love to go back East for the fall but I just can’t even think of leaving Yosemite now!

Lucky for you, Cubicle Pukes and Yosemite want-a-bees, that I am sticking it out here.  What would you do with out my great fall scenic’s to make you feel like you are here with me?  Not to mention, but I will, all the great shots that are coming as the sun gets lower in the sky and bathes the Captain with that sweet fall light.   I’ve got some of those shots for you today!!  Could it get any better?… You’re fuckin-A Dude, it will get even better!

Today’s report is brought to you by “Old Timers”.  Quite a few of them graced us with their presence here at the Bridge, having diverted from the Face Lift to enjoy the scene here.  Thanks for coming by all you, “Golden Oldies“, still remembering the good old days and making new memories here with the Crew!  Erik Sloan took my bridge shift today and I got to shoot from some of my other spots for a change.  It was really fun and you get the benefits!!
So check your knots, tighten your harness and lace those foot crushers up tight, because you are coming with me, ElCap pics, to share the adventures of the Newbees and Veterans as they pull out all the stops and go big on El Capitan!
Today’s ElCap Report…. Just for you… unique in all the world!

1)  Zodiac:  The team in the White Circle yesterday hit the top late in the afternoon.  Below, the guys with the cool sun hats climbed into the Circle  and I got a cool shot from way out west of their belay.



























Lower down, Erik noticed some half naked guys, hitting it hard and doing all the free climbing possible.  They were smoking up the route and were at the start of the Black Tower by noon, right off the deck!  They hardly had any bags and, after a conference on the ledge, beat a hasty retreat to the ground, leaving some gear and lines fixed.  Come on back boys and show us what you’ve got!  Who the hell are you guys anyway?

Iron Son:  A team of three fixed up to the EC Tree, which by the way is not looking all that healthy anymore, and one of the team lead to the big roof and about half way out it before fixing a line and returning to tree ledge.  Hope the climb works out for them as it is a photogenic one.

Nose:  This Mega-classic is getting some work this week.  I saw several teams climb from ECT and C4 as the afternoon wore on.  They were lined up from the Great Roof to C6 by late afternoon, save the mixed Swiss team who did the Jardine yesterday.  They stayed the night at Eagle Ledge and will probably stay at C4 tonight.  They have two haul bags and a ledge and appear to be in no hurry…. Enjoy it folks, no need to rush.  A few of the higher teams seem to have banded together, sharing a rope from time to time.
Lower down, a team of two in the middle of the Legs, were spotted late in the afternoon.  Earlier a team climbed to Dolt Tower and are headed to ECT for the night.  I did get a glimpse of some guys fixing on the third pitch. 
2)  Stove Leg Crack, from way out west, on the Nose.





























3)  Taking a break on Dolt Tower.

























4)  Juggers on Pancake Flake.



























5)  The pitch to Camp 5 on the Nose





























6)  From the Glowering Spot to Camp 6.


























The Shield:  Amanda and Scott, friends from Missouri and more recently Moab, came into view climbing over the Shield Roof this morning.  They were smooth and are putting the pitches behind them in good order.
7)  Amanda pulling the Shield Roof as the sun gets on her.  She has those Dreds under control... drilled a hole in the back of her helmet I hear!!


























8)  Scott leading the infamous Groove pitch on the Shield.





























Albatross:  A bit left and higher than the Shield team is the solo, Kevin Andrews.  A burly Dude for sure, he is knocking the pitches down like bowling pins!  He is on the Canoe as I write these lines.  We are psyched for you Kevin!!
9)  Kevin cleaning a couple of pitches below the Canoe.
























10)  Anybody seen a Canoe around here?

























Salathe:  I did see a team or two hanging around Lung ledge today and one made a run for Hollow Flake Ledge but came back after hauling and fixing to it.
Above, a team climbed from the Block to the headwall this afternoon and just might be sleeping on Long ledge right now.
11)  Salathe Roof and headwall shot from far away!


























Octopussy:  I did see PTPP, and his freshly recruited minions, fixing the first few on this West side baker.

In other news:  The Face Lift is going great guns, already having passed last years weight of trash.  The evening programs have been killer so far and it was a nice change of pace, for the emasculated, to see Peter Croft’s cruiser show last night.  We all felt the sweet Croft vibe!
As I said earlier, Erik took over Touron duties today so I got to head out to the meadow with the big gun for a change.  Later I went “out West” and got some nice shots in the afternoon light.  What a pleasure a day off is for this overworked correspondent!   Nice to have old friends and young bloods at the bridge today too. 
Come on out or you will be suffering the “melancholy of regret” for the days you’ve lost forever!
So that’s the way it is, for this the 24th day of September, 2009.
Telephoto Tom signing off…


The Canoe

I second the praise for the Canoe shot. Awesome!


The Canoe shot is awesome - hard to beleve that the climber can't see it from his perspective, but it is true! You don't see it until it's right there...

Great Lookin Photos

I am a long time cubible puke addicted to the Report.

Tom todays photo's look Great! I can't belive I have to wiat until 2.5 more weeks to get there.




Tom, those shots on the Nose look nice, different perspective. I like the canoe shot as well!



ha ha, I am suffering the "melancholy of regret"!

change of position

nice change of lo-cal, a good perspective shift on some of those regular shots!

Prod Sez

You dun it again Tom. Many thanks,


amazing photography

Oh, the detail on salathe roof. And the canoe...

beautiful work,


Thanks from a cubicle slave

I just discovered the site and as a former valley bum turned ex-pat living in London I really appreciate the site. We've met a few times over the years and I'm really impressed by the commitment. Keep up the good work.


great new angles and shots today, Tom!

Thanks for sharing!



that picture of the shield roof is just too cool! :)

Thanks! from down under

I've discovered your posts arrive mid-afternoon here in Melbourne, Australia, providing a suitable work-break! Love your work, and thanks for the inspiration .. will it be 2010 I wonder?

Great Photos!

Out west offers a cool perspective. I'm not sure I've seen pics of the Nose from over there before, those teams are lucky and should show their gratitude to Tom when they come down!



Righteous SHOTs, Tom Man.....Those kick Ass.
Love your voice & eye out there....Thanks for the fix.