ElCap Report 9/23/2014

ElCap Report 9/23/14

By Tom Evans

Yo… It couldn’t be nicer than today was here in Yosemite.  Gorgeous Fall weather continues to dominate the scene, bringing many more climbers onto the great rock.  You, sedentary Pukes, hiding in your cubicles, need to get out of that chair and come to Yosemite to climb the route of your dreams!  The season is on big time.  This week the Face Life is commanding the attention of a lot of climbers and thus the Report may skip a day or two so I can attend the evening events.  Also folks .. the driving back and forth to and from the Valley is very expensive, along with other things here.. so any donations you can make to the website (Donate Button up on the left) are always greatly appreciated!!


Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you…unique in all the world!

1)  Bad to the Bone:  I didn’t see any climbing going on today, but the crew did get a lot of kit moved up a few hundred feet to their new bivy spot.





























Zodiac:  The mixed party climbed the Nipple pitch and then moved onto the Mark of Zorro pitch as I was departing.

2)  Hauling loads to the top of the Nipple pitch on Zodiac.





























3)  Ottawa Doug and partner Dennis rolled in today to blast on New Dawn.  Here they are hauling to the top of the third pitch this afternoon.






























Nose:  Not unexpectedly, the Nose is jammed!

4)  First off we had a NIAD with Brian and John getting a very early start this morning.  They were moving along smartly when I got this shot of them on the pitch into Camp 4 late this morning.





























5)  The team of Kevin (Germany) and Dave (England) were at the top of the food chain when I picked them up climbing above Dolt Tower this morning.  I got this shot as they did the Jardine Traverse.





























6)  The Jardine is usually done to save a little time if the regular ECT path is crowded… it wasn’t but they went that way anyway.  Unfortunately they stalled 15 feet below Eagle Ledge in that last wide section.  They consequently lost a ton of time.  Here Kevin is having a look at the left side of the pillar, when Dave had a go at it first.... the easy path is on the right side.  Hopefully they are not still there!





























7)  Far below the Jardine team the Stove Leg Crack was jammed with teams, most of whom will probably bail!






























8)  This team managed to get an early start and were above the mob below when I shot this of them hauling kit to Dolt Tower around 3pm.





























High above all of them the team of two from yesterday topped out in mid afternoon.

When I was out west shooting I did spot a team above Mammoth Terrace on the Muir pitches to the Grey Ledges.  I have no idea of their destination as these pitches lead to several routes higher up.


Salathe:  There were two parties high on the route today.

9)  The New Zealand crew made the Block and immediately set up a sunshade and settled in for the night.




























10)  Higher up, a team climbed from the Block, and were at the edge of the Headwall when I departed this afternoon.



























Lurking Fear:  Andy Kirkpatrick and rope gun Callum Muskett dusted off this route in 16 hours yesterday.


In other news: We had a nice gathering of climbers show up at the Bridge today. Justin and Scott made it down from Mescalito after a really good effort.  They liked the Cobras we gave them upon arrival at the Bridge. 

In a rare showing, four of the five original “Bridge rats” were present and posed for this picture.  Only Dave Turner was absent but might have been flying a couple of miles above in his paraglider!

11)  Tom, Nickie, Aaron, and Matt at the Bridge this afternoon.























So that’s the way it is, on this the 23rd day of September, 2014.


Capt. Tom



Hey Tom!

Glad to see you back in the Ditch for the fall season. Thanks as always for the Report!

I will see ya on the bridge tomorrow or the next day, or at the evening program. Heading out of Vegas early AM. Cheers!

Tom Nick Arron Matt

Good to see you Monkeys holding down the fort.

new dawn

great perspective on the new dawn shot! go doug!

great report tom!



Thanks Tom,

Great photos and story.
C'mon Ottawa Doug!

Can't wait to be there...

See you in two weeks.


Fantastic pics, as usual. Glad all is right in the universe!