ElCap Report 9/19/11

ElCap Report 9/19/11
By Tom Evans

Yo… Wow!  Another perfectly beautiful day here in Yosemite.  The routes are getting much less attention than they deserve so come on out and get on the Cap.  Tomorrow starts the Facelift so if not on ElCap, then be doing the Facelift… that’s an order!!  Erik Sloan is back working on the Bridge a couple of days a week, so I have some time to do some roaming around to see what needs to be photographed.


Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

1)  Zodiac:  A  team of two started off the deck this morning via the direct start and were leading the third when I left early this afternoon.   
3rd pitch on Zodiac.




























2)  Trip:  The three person team is moving right along and should bivy just below the start of the Bolt Ladders.
Morning high on the Trip.




























Continental Drift:  These guys are still obscured from view by the trees so we don’t get much information.  Looked like they did another pitch this morning.  I did get some shots through the trees… come on guys, move up!
3)  The Junk show.



























PO Wall:  The guys are pretty much done with the Central Latitudes and will soon turn the corner to the Bearing Straights.  Bill and Jordan were out on the sharp end today and were making good progress.  Jordan's parent's showed up today and we had a nice time watching the climb.
4)  Adam cleans while Bill and Jordan check his progress.




























Mescalito:  Hugh and Duncan were on the move early and were last seen around 2pm climbing to the Bow… they could be off tonight if they hustle a bit.

Nose:  The two women from South Africa topped out a bit past noon today.  A three man team was behind them as was a two man team… the top of the route is clearing out now with only the 4 man team above the Great Roof.  A solo, Kevin Stricker, aka Colorado Kevin, is climbing 3D at a very rapid pace.  I spotted him at the traverse and he was soon heading to the GR.  He could be off tomorrow!
The 4 man team lead by Timmy and Dave climbed to Camp 5 early this afternoon and were taking a break when I departed.
5)  Colorado Kevin, solo on the 3D.



























6)  Climbers in Dolt Hole on the Nose.



























7)  Body hauling on the Nose.



























8)  Dave Turner leading the pitch into Camp 5 on the Nose.





























9)  South African girls starting the last pitch on the Nose.































There was also a speedy two man team on the Great Roof this morning.  Off by now I think.

Salathe:  I saw a team of two climbing to the Hollow Flake Ledge this morning but know nothing else about them.
I have not seen Mayan for a couple of days and assume she and Zack came down from the Spire.

Dihedral:  The three man team was climbing toward the Flake when I was down there in early afternoon.

Hole World:  Ammon and Richie bivied on the Pinnacle of Hammerdom and were nearly to Thanksgiving Ledge as I departed this afternoon.

Tom Waes (aka TV Tom) stopped by on his way out of town and we had a nice chat about his recent climb of ElCap.  I told him how we locals were impressed by his grit and determination to lead some pitches on the route!`

10)  Tom Waes and Tom Evans at the Bridge.



























In other news:  Sad day here …An Austrian climber fell to his death this morning, from the vicinity of the 7th pitch, on Half Dome.  When he pulled off a block that cut his rope a foot or so from his tie in knot.  YOSAR was soon on the scene and were able to recover the individual. His partner self rescued and was at the base when YOSAR team members arrived.  I had know him for several years and he was on the Report quite often, climbing good EoCap routes with his usual partner Marc.  Very personal loss for all of us.  Condolesences to friends and family.

So that’s the way it is, for this Monday, the 19th day of September, 2011.
Later Tom