ElCap Report 9/19 to 9/21/2014

ElCap Report 9/19 thru 9/21/14

By Tom Evans

Yo… Ok dedicated ElCap Report readers… I have returned to the Valley for the Fall season.  The past two days the Valley has been a smoke filled caldron that has made shooting rather difficult.  Today was really nice as we had a big thunder storm last night and the subsequent rain cleared the smoke, from the fires to the west, out of the Valley.  Internet is tenuous this season and I will do my best to keep the report going.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you.. unique in all the world!

Bad to the Bone:  Piton Pete and minions from up north, are on the route and have passed the lower, not so nice pitches and are on the good stuff now.

1)  Camp Bone… winner of the coveted “Junk show of the Day!!”






























2)  Pete leading this afternoon.





























Lunar Eclipse:  Neil Chelton is on the route after fixing a couple a few days ago…not sure it he has a partner.

Zodiac:  A couple of teams are on this classic route.  One team is fixing today and a mixed team fixed 4 a few days ago and returned this morning.

3)  Mixed team on the bolt ladder pitch this morning.




























Mescalito:  The “Dad banner team” from the spring season, are back again.  Justin and Scott are past the Molar now and climbing well.

4)  Here they are in a shot from yesterday.



























5)  This shot is from the pitch to the Molar Traverse.




























Nose:  Several parties have been on the Nose these past days.  Some going up and some were downward bound.

The mixed team of Kathy Chung and partner John Plotz climbed strong the past few days and topped out this afternoon.

6)  Here we see Mike doing a sweet job on freeing the Boot Flake after which he nailed the King Swing.






























7)  John leading the Pancake Flake after Kathy breezed up the Great Roof pitch.






























8)  John and Kathy topping out this afternoon.






























9)  A party of three Japanese are on the route, headed to Camp 5, after spending a couple of days struggling up the lower part of the climb.  We figured they would bail long ago but they have the required tenacity and are going to make it, barring unforeseen circumstances.  Here they are seen on the nasty pitch to Camp 5 this afternoon.































Muir:  British wide boys Pete Whitaker and Tom Randall are working on the lower pitches of the Premuir.

Salathe:  This mega class is seeing the most action of any route on the wall these days.  A party of two were seen climbing to the Alcove this afternoon.

10)  Here they are on the really fun Hollow Flake pitch.




























11)  Here we see the mixed team of Deano and Shayna,  climbing the pitch to the Alcove, day before yesterday.  They topped out this afternoon.





























12)  A team suddenly appeared at the Ear this morning and are seen here climbing the pitch to the Alcove.































13)  Delivery of the first 6 of Cobras sent by my buddy Craig Entwistle, who lives in France and operates a B & B there.  He sent an English friend to make the delivery.




























In other news:  Not much other news at the moment.  The season is underway now and the Face Lift is bringing them in, as it always does, and good times and great shows are in order for the next week!  Come on out and support the Face Lift!

So that’s the way it is, for this Sunday, the 21st day of Sept. 2014.

Capt. Tom

Welcome Back!

So glad to see your return. Looking forward to the updates, Tom. Thanks so much!

Great Report

The Evil One will be delivering Cobra in three days.


Enjoy the beers Tom, thanks for the delivery Matthew - I've got to be there next year.

Glad You're Back

Will be bringing refreshment to the Bridge in a few weeks.


Been checking the report every day awaiting the return. good to see you back.

leaving for the valley in less than a week. see you soon bro! (with cobra in hand)



Glad to have the report back up! Thanks, Tom!

YES, so happy the report is

YES, so happy the report is back! I've been waiting for weeks to enjoy you pictures.

Dad Banner Team Partner 2

Hey Tom, the second half of the Dad banner team is Justin Cory. Thanks for the pictures and the updates! Its great to watch the boys as they climb!



Awesome Tom! So glad the reports are back! You'll be critiquing a team of anxious Alaskans on the Shield in just a few weeks! Can't wait! I'll enjoy reading the El Cap Report until then!

Donation Made!

I love these reports! Thanks Tom. By the way, for the record, that's John Plotz with Kathy Chung on the Nose, not Mike.