ElCap Report 6/9/13

ElCap Report 6/9/13
By Tom Evans
Yo… Steaming hot morning here, with 40% chance of a thunder storm this evening. Showers didn’t materialize but a large cloud parked itself over the Captain early this afternoon and the relief was immediate. Before that it was a race to the deck! A three man team bailed from ECTower, and were quickly followed by a two man Euro team. Lower temperatures forecast for the immediate future! Everyone else stayed up on the hill, as some were higher and others were packing extra water.
Today’s ElCap Report….written just for you…unique in all the world.
Zodiac: Robert and Kevin topped out this morning, under the careful eye of Niels Tietze, who was up top to give a hand with the bags.
1) Waiting to release the haul bags, from Peanut Ledge early this morning.
2) It always seems to take forever to get started with the hauling, but eventually the bags go up. 
3) The Team Extreme Riders (TER) have taken over the lower part of Zodiac and have three parties within the first 5 pitches. This is a shot of the base taken this morning. The two guys on the left, father and son team of Scott and Matthew Phillips, are not part of TER and later climbed the first two pitches while I shot.
4) The highest TER team was a long time on the short 6th pitch ….up to the Black Tower belay. Looked like a
 pin getting a whack or two.  Love the way the team dresses!
 5) Here is a shot of the father and son, Scott and Matthew Phillips, on the route. This team, on a long shot through the trees, from way out west, is on the 2nd pitch while the rear Korean team is at the belay for the second pitch hauling kit.
6) Lost in America: Jonas made good time leading the pitch up to the mandatory free climbing pitch.   But lost any advantage, when the lead line and haul line became tangled and it took Jean a long time to clean up the mess. Some parties would get discouraged and bail after losing several hours like this, but these veterans were not phased and took it in stride… part of the game!
7) Jean cleaning to the belay, after untangling the lines.
8) The Trip: Dan Hackett and Mike Kirby are high on the center of the route now. It looked like a mishap, of some kind, pitched one of them off their portaledge while belaying, and may have damaged it. Look at the right end of the ledge in this shot… broken pole maybe.
9) 3D/Nose: Katie Lambert, and husband, Ben Ditto, climbed across the 3D traverse this morning and she spent some time working on the Great Roof. She had some success lower down but couldn’t pull the horizontal part.
10) Lower down on the Nose, a mixed team, Dave Stimsom and Karin Pocock, climbed along well in the Stoveleg Crack and even had to bundle up a bit in the wind and shade of the big cloud, over the Cap. 
In other news: The Bridge was packed this afternoon as every climber who bailed or sent, in the past week, came by to offer excuses, or accept praise. It was a good time! Matt Lambert and Grover Shipman drove in from Oregon this morning and immediately hauled kit to the base, in preparation for Sunkist. 
Hudon, and his minions, started on Lurking Fear this morning and will have to pass Pete and the boys, who are still camped in the middle of the Traverse, where they have been for the past 3 days. I think Pete is going with the tag and rap routine. My good buddy, and original Bridge Crew member, Matt Thomsen, leaves in the morning for his old Kentucky home and his soon to be bride. You’re gonna die!! Others are leaving as well, including Max Jones and Mike Ierian, and Yann Camus. Come on back when you can!!
So that’s the way it is, for this Sunday, the 9th day of June, 2013.
Later, Tom


Thanks Tom!


I fell asleep for a few days waiting on Pete and Pals to make a move. Looks like they are holding firm on the speed walling boycott. Way to crawl gentlemen!

Thanks for the "Tour of the

Thanks for the "Tour of the Wall" yesterday. Seeing this stuff through the telescope is inspiring and mind blowing for us 5.6 climbers! You're doing an amazing job at the bridge keeping the tourons informed. Well done.

awesome Zodiac shot Tom! Nose

awesome Zodiac shot Tom!

Nose party is Taylor Sincich, Glenn Alan Douglass and Greg Colt representing Curry Village,Ca!

Photo #3, #5

Scott and Matthew Phillips from Oregon at the base of Zodiac on the left. Later on pitch two Scott in orange and Matt in lime green.

Yeah team ditto. Figure it

Yeah team ditto. Figure it out little buddy! Sweet shots Tom.