ElCap Report 6/7/13

ElCap Report 6/7/13
By Tom Evans
Yo… Very warm today, with no saving afternoon clouds, to cool things off. Some interesting things happened today so be sure to read further and look at the shots! Actually, not many climbers on the face today so this will be rather thin … but be sure to look at it!
Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you …unique in all the world!
Zodiac: The speedy "Koreans", Andy Kirkpatrick and Kiwi, Steve Bate, climbed off today after doing what looked like a push. Very competent team!  They fooled me too!!  They dressed like Korean climbers, so as not to attract attention!  Good one Andy!!  While Leo Houlding has all the flash and dash, Andy is more of a meat and potatoes guy, who lives to suffer, and suffers to live.  He has a long list of great climbs, many on ElCap, in a seemingly haphazzard career that works for him.
1) "Korean team" climbing the slab on the next to last pitch early this morning.
2) Hauling kit to the end of the route.
Lower down, Robert Behrans and Kevin DeWeese climbed into the Circle after a bivy at the top of the Black Tower pitch. They were at the Nipple when I left for the day.
3) Climbing into the White Circle this morning… notice the bird in the picture. Now there is a thousand yards of air between me and the climbers but the bird is in focus and my big gun has a very narrow band of focus… so the bird was not far from the climbers! Falcon???
Lost in America: Jean and Jonas marched off to blast this morning. I left before I saw them actually jug to the top of their fixed line.
Tangerine Trip: Dan Hackett and Mike Kirby were spotted on the 5th pitch today and were cleaning it when I
4) I not sure who is who here…. but this is a shot of the first part of the pitch.
5) Lowering out the kit on the Trip.
NA Wall: Yesterday, while fixing the 3rd pitch one of the team, of John Tylka and Matt Watford, took a plunge
after pulling a fixed head. It was a big one but fortunately didn’t produce an injury. They regrouped, came by the
Bridge for advice, which was given by the Master of all things technical, Mark Hudon. After a run to the climbing
shop, they returned with a hammer and a few items that Mark suggested they purchase. They will be going
back in the morning if their nerves don’t crack over night.
New Dawn to Tribal: Mike and Max are moving right along and made ElCap Tower late in the afternoon. So far, so good!
6) Max and Mike at the belay a pitch above LLL.
7) Max leading toward the top of ECT.
Nose: Empty…. But several teams are milling around the 1st pitch trying to get the courage to make the first move.
Shield: Yann climbed off this morning.
8) Yann at the end of the corner pitch, leading to the last pitch.
I didn’t get out west to see what was going on with Lurking Fear and the Hotel de Pete.
In other news: Mark Hudon is taking advantage of his recent fame (thanks to the ElCap Report!!) and was able to con a group of adoring fans into hauling his stuff to the base of Lurking Fear, while he remained hanging at the Bridge all day!!
9) OMG!!! Really???   Really?? 
In a very interesting turn of events … Kevin, one of my buddies who drives the shuttle bus.. got out of the bus and came over to tell me that there was a snake in the bag of beers we keep cooling in the river. I just laughed it off as a joke… but went to look anyway…..
10) Snake in the Beer!!! It stayed like that for about half an hour and was gone when I looked again… anybody know the kind it was? Looks like a python head or some kind of a constrictor… but I know nothing about snakes!!! Someone out there …. Tell us please!!!
So that’s the way it is, here at the Zoo, on this Friday, the 7th day of June, 2013.
I’m out… Capt. Tom

Photo number 4 is gorgeous.

Photo number 4 is gorgeous. Great pic Tom!

New Dawn -> Tribal Rite

Awesome! The right side of ECT is some of the best wyde the valley has to offer. Thanks Tom!

Go Trip Guys!

Happy to see the Tangerine Trip duo up and at it. A pleasure carrying your portaledge to the base. Nice meeting you.

Awesome work, again Sir.

Great report even wit the limited activity on the big stone.

Hudon is a king. He deserves to travel in the finest of manners. And the adoring fans will do it freely and drink up every word spoken to them for the words will be spoken from lifetimes of experience.


Kick ass Tom

Go Munge!

Here's to sweat in your eye's


That's what happens when you don't give Tom the Cobras.


5th of the trip look s cool as hell in that photo,
crazy stripe features and a black cat to boot !
cool shot tom
ian j


maybe a california gopher snake?
From Tom...  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!   I wanted it to be something exotic snake from the dark, dank jungles of southern Asia!!  Oh well... eat some gophers for me!!


Definitely a gopher snake.. Beautiful and harmless, but one that big are strong, hard to catch, and apt to bite.


I am tired of these mudderfalcon snakes in my mudderfalcon beers!