ElCap Report 6/6 to 6/7 2014

ElCap Report 6/6 to 6/7 2014

By Tom Evans

Yo... Splendid weather continues to dominate the late Spring season on ElCap.  Hotter the next few days.  The Nose and Zodiac are seeing most of the action with some other climbers on Never Never Land, the Salathe, and Tribal Rite.  Allfrey and Honnold zipped the Zod in 5:05 this morning and were down by noon for a party thrown by Dave's folks at my tree in the meadow.  Good times for sure!

Today's ElCap Report...written just for you...unique in all the world!

1)  Several teams on the Nose today and most were NIADs.  Here is one team on the Jardine Traverse.... seems a common pose of late.




























2)  Late light on the Salathe Headwall last evening.




























3)  Tribal Crew... sleeping in this morning.





























4)  First pitch of Tribal Rite starts from the top of the Boot.  Matt Lambert leading off.




























5)  Alex Honnold finishing cleaning the Nipple pitch while TER climbers Sevng Uk, Shin and partner In Suk, Han wait for him to pass.  Zodiac.





























6)  Dave Allfrey cleaning above Peanut Ledge this morning.  Zodiac.




























7)  Seung Uk, Shin on steep jugging into the white circle as Yong Hwan, Kim looks on.  Zodiac.




























8)  Chul Soo, Koo out there alone on the Black Tower pitch, Zodiac.





























9)  Honnold making the strong move above the Devil's Brow.  Zodiac.




























10)  Yong Hwan, Kim  takes a 20 footer below the Devil's Brow this afternoon.  He was uninjured and quickly finished the lead.




























11)  The party in the meadow this afternoon after Dave and Alex came down from Zodiac... very good times here!




























12)  Last evenings Moon.





























13)  The Golden Princess anchored off Moorea, French Polynesia, in April this year.





In other news:  Alex and Dave are thinking of Aquarian tomorrow as their last of the seven climbs.  It will be hot over there in the afternoon so they will have to hustle to get out of there before it comes on them.

So that's the way it is, for this Saturday, the 7th day of June, 2014.

Later, Tom


incredible moon shot!

incredible moon shot!

Awesome Photos! The salathe

Awesome Photos! The salathe headwall shot is awesome! And I love the moon. See ya tomorrow.