ElCap Report 6/19 to 6/20/2014

ElCap Report 6/19 to 6/20/2014

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Sorry to have missed yesterday but the internet, for us common folks, has been down for two days in a row now and that does make it difficult to do reports on a regular basis.  So this one will be a catch up one.

Today's ElCap Report...written just for you...unique in all the world!

I have learned that the internet here has been shut down for good except the lodge one and it is terrible... so until and unless this changes this is the last report of the season.  If I am able to find something in the immediate future I am finished for the Spring Season... and I will have the summer to see what arrangements I can make.  Thanks to all you who have been loyal readers and supporters of the Report!


1)  Yesterday I spotted Jim Reynolds a pitch away from Thanksgiving ledge, as you can see in this shot.  He has been out there alone for a long time but looks to be moving well, and is in control of all his faculties, from what I could see.




























2)  I got this shot of Jim today as he was sorting gear on Thanksgiving ledge.  He should be off in a couple more days, depending on how he exits the route.





























3)  A mixed team has been climbing along behind two other teams for the past few days.  This is the woman, Shayna Brown, yesterday, leading the Boot... she also lead the King Swing by an ingenious method of a tension traverse and face climbing.  Nice!  She is an excellent young woman climber.





























4)  This is the team of Justin and Geoff from yesterday.  Here they are heading to camp 5,on the Nose. 























5)  Justin and Geoff taken this morning as they lead the charge to the top.  They topped out early in the afternoon.  Here they are at the top of Changing Corners.





























6)  Justin's girlfriend, Jenn, hung out at the Bridge while he climbed.  Here she is doing what she did most of the time... watching her man!






























7)  Budd and Josie, from YOSAR, did a Nose in a Day (NIAD) yesterday.  Here Josie is waiting for Budd to toss her a line so she can get over to Eagle Ledge.



























8)  Father Scott, leading, and son, Matt Phillips, are shown here climbing the Pancake Flake yesterday.  You can also see Josie turning the roof on her NIAD.  Scott and Matt are toping out as I type these lines.






























9)  Big Hands, Greg Loniewski, and friend Eamon (not the pirate) are on the NA Wall now after fixing three a few days ago.






























10) Father, Scott and son Keenan Waeschle have teamed up with Piton Pete to do Zodiac.  They seem to have adopted the laconic style of Pete and thus didn't get climbing until after 10am today.  Here they are hanging on the bivy.  They were hauling to the Black tower when I left at 3pm.






























11)  Another mixed team started today and watched a team from yesterday bail from Dolt Tower.  BAIL OF THE DAY!!!






























12)  The Bridge has turned into an orthopedic ward as two of our latest victims, Matt and Mickey, are out of commission for a while, due to falls low on routes.






























13)  Some of the Bridge Crew hanging out yesterday.























In other news... well if this internet thing doesn't get fixed then this may be the last report you see this season. So hope for the best!

So that's the way it is, for this Friday, the 20th day of June, 2014.

Later, Tom


Hi Tom!

Thank you for posting such beautiful photos and helping connect climbers! I had a great time chatting with ya and hope all is well in the Valley. Justin and I are back in Oregon for now. Until next time...



Have a great summer Tom. Always nice to hang out with you and keep posting photos of your adventures out in the crazy world

Aloha Tom

And to the nose team. Good morning !!

The Girl on boot flake is my

The Girl on boot flake is my friend Shayna. Thanks for the Photo update Tom.

Matt? from Bend? Bummer for

Matt? from Bend? Bummer for both of them!

Awesome shots as always, Tom, Thanks.


Yup, that me, Matt from Bend.

Yup, that me, Matt from Bend. Foot is OK - super lucky. Took a 50 foot fall and no broken bones. Just severe bruising in my left foot, should be on crutches another 7-10 days and then back at it pretty quick after that.