ElCap Report 6/15 to 6/16 2014

ElCap Report 6/15 to 6/16/2014

By Tom Evans

Yo... Cool and windy seems to be the weather pattern for the moment.  Climbers are showing up to get on the good routes.  So come on out!

Today's ElCap Report...written just for you...unique in all the world!

The action these past few days has been on the Nose, Zodiac, Aurora, and the Salathe.

1)  The TER team of Bo Hyum, Jung (the leader), Bong Gun, Kim and Kwang Nam, Kim have been moving right along on Aurora, an excellent upper middle grade wall climb.  Here they are exiting the Bat Cave, yesterday.





























2)  Here Bo Hyun, Jung leads out on some interesting rock on the pitch out of the Bat Cave. Aurora.





3)  The "Brown" Team... Salathe Headwall.





























4)  Stevie G. and the boys from down south are pretty much in control of Zodiac at the moment.  Seems they like to sleep late and push it in late afternoon.  DGriff joined the team when his partner for the Nose pulled a tendon in his leg and dropped out.  Here is DGriff is joining the group by jugging past the Elephants head at the start of Zodiac.





























5)  Stevie G's white shirt seems to have infected some of the other members of his crew!    Stevie is on the left as his partner climbs the second pitch yesterday.  Today, as the wind came up, Stevie changed into a blue jacket.... well that's a start!!





























6)  Dave got the team moving this morning with a quick lead on the Black Tower.




























7)  Clouds over Yosemite... shot from the "Ranch", in Foresta, where I am staying these days.





























8)  Turns out that today is my 70th Birthday.  I usually don't celebrate birthdays but got a nice surprise when I looked up at Dolt Tower, a thousand feet up on ElCap and saw Libby and Matt hanging the banner below!



























9)  When Libby returned to the Bridge she made me a special birthday "Cobra".  The candles quickly blew out but the thought is what counts!



























10)  Nice birthday treat!



























11)  Some of the Bridge Crew who came by today to hang out and celebrate climbing accomplishments and my Egocentric Recognition Day!























12)  My van buddy and cruisin mascot, Capt. Bling Bling even came out of the van to check on photographic progress.





























In other news... There was a nice NIAD today and several parties are massing at the base of the Nose.  A couple more teams are teeing it up for Zodiac too.  There is a rumor circulating that "Big Hands Greg" and crew are poised for a trip up the NA Wall.  We could sure use some replacements up there folks as the season is far from over.

So that's the way it is, for this Monday, the 16th day of June, 2014.

Later, Capt. Tom... officially older than dirt!



Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Tom
All the best.


Happy Birthday

Big time congrats! Thanks for everything you do.


Happy Birthday, Tom! Sorry I missed it, but I had to work! Dinner soon!!!


Happy Birthday! A lot of

Happy Birthday! A lot of thanks for feed dreams with your effort, love and pasion! And for your pics and words!

wow, so sweet! great banner-birthday!

hey there say, tom! wow, what a wonderful surprise to see in your telescope!
happy great new birthday year, and thanks for sharing you sweet fun! and those that
care about you! great following-pics, as well, after the climber-photos and banner!
happy birthday, tom, from ol' neebee, :)

Happy Birthday Tom

Libby and Matt are great, it shows how loved by the climbers you are Tom.

Happy Birthday, Tom! Never

Happy Birthday, Tom! Never woulda guessed you are 70... seems like you could be putting up the El Cap Report for another 20 or 30 years the way you are going ;-)


Happy Bday!

Dude(Tom)...your 70?? Lookin' GOOD....HBD! Clearly, living 'the life' is the key to youth. Well played Sir. Love your pics but the write-ups are what set you ATop.