ElCap Report 5/28/13

ElCap Report 5/28/13
By Tom Evans
Yo… The so called “storm” everyone was quaking in their boots over, was a dud. So climbers are scurrying back to the base to get a place staked out. There isn’t much to report on today so I am going to include some scenics and a couple of climbing shots from the last few days.
Today’s ElCap Report….written just for you…unique in all the world!
1)  The view of ElCap I got when I stopped by the Bridge this morning.
2) The Nose is still occupied by the 3 Brits, who got lucky when the storm fizzled out. They would have been in deep shit had it poured rain on them at Camp 4, where I spotted them this morning.  If you are a regular reader you will know that I always say that tenacity and determination are the key to climbing ElCap and these guys seem to have both in spades! 
3) Out west on Never Never Land, Kenny and partner (?) seemed to be doing fine when I shot them this morning. They never felt a thing!
4) The storm clearing off Eagle Peak earlier in the day.
5) It was a good day to be a duck, down on the Merced River.
6) A view of Yosemite Falls from the South Side Drive.
7) Jim Donini, leading the pitch above Dolt Tower, a couple of days ago. Somehow I couldn’t convince him that black is not a good color to wear. Had they been more colorful, they would have made the NIAD!! True!!
8) The A5 Traverse on El Corazon.
9) These clouds, over ElCap a couple of days ago, foretold of the approaching storm.
10) On which formation will you find this profile of the “Old Man”?  There is a telling clue in the photo!
In other news: Sean O’Neil and his crew of desperate men, set off for the base of the Trip this morning. We all wish them the best of luck up there.
PTPP and his guys are out on the lower reaches of the West Buttress. They did come down for the storm but reported that it was more trouble than it was worth. They have immense quantities of consumables to get them through their 10 day protest climb.
The weather looks solid for a while and the routes will be filling up soon… so come on out and stake your claim.
So that’s the way it is, for this Tuesday, the 28th day of May, 2013.
Off for a rest day!
Capt. Tom

Shot them this morning....

And they never felt a thing. That's funny.

The Fissures?

The Fissures?
From Tom... yep, I'll take that as correct... or, as below, Taft Point.!!

The Brits #2

As a friend of the 3 Brits (technically 2 Welshmen and a Kiwi), I'm glad of your update and to see they're still making progress!
Great reports and pictures thanks!


Great pictures. Admire the determination / stoicism of the "3 Brits". Looking forward to seeing a picture of them nearing the top. Keep the faith!

Old Man

Railing and the general shape of it.


Old Man

How about Taft Point?
From Tom: Yep..... Did the railing give it away? 


Nice pictures! Thanks! Oh wait... You shot Kenny? You bastard! (-;

so damn funny^^^^^^

Good one on so many levels with South Park reference.

I think Donini gets a free pass on wearing black. I only wish I could have been in the Meadow to watch the event. Hope they try again.