ElCap Report 5/23/13

ElCap Report 5/23/13
By Tom Evans
Yo. Today we had a beautiful Spring day but it was kind of chilly and the wind was blowing pretty good too, although not as bad as yesterday. The story today was a lot of Zodiac and a little of the Nose. There are other routes going on but I was not in a position to see them directly… so… who knows?
The big weekend is at hand… remember… do not come to Yosemite this weekend…you will not be happy if you do!
Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!
Zodiac: Starting from the bottom of the route. A team of two fixed the first couple later in the morning. There was a team of two just ahead of them who might have fixed one yesterday. Above them came the solo climber, Joe Shultz, and passing Joe was Chris McNamara and Caleb Wrightmyer, who had won the climb in a raffle! 
Everyone moved along pretty well, as Chris’s team pulled into the lead in the early afternoon and were last seen on the Nipple Pitch as I departed around 3pm.
Here are selected shots of the Zodiac action today.
1)  Joe Shultz climbing into the White Circle this morning.
2) Joe entering the Circle with the famous Lightning Bolt Roofs to the left. James Lucas tried to erase them earlier in the season but his jack-hammer broke!
3) One of the lower teams hauling and cleaning to the top of the 3rd pitch.
4) Chris McNamara, jumping Joe’s fixed line, to save some time, effort and to get out of Joe’s way as soon as possible. 
5) Chris and Caleb, in the White Circle this afternoon.  Perhaps we need to take up a collection to buy the team members decent color outfits!
Nose: No one ventured into the Stovelegs today, as the wind and cold were not conducive to a run higher. I did see a team of 3 or so haul a frightful looking kit to Sickle Ledge this morning.  I hear they are Wes goulding, Dave Gerwe and Andrew Akin.
6) Nasty hauling to Sickle… got enough shit in there boys?
Higher up the sharp dressed team from yesterday climbed the Great Roof and were last seen in the vicinity of Camp 5.
7) The loneliest belay on the Nose. Big air, stout breezes, and a tiny stance make this a classic belay.
8) Name the feature this ledge and fly are on.
9) Slow day shooting so here is a shot with the big gun, taken out of boredom!
To further your education and enhance your learning experience, here on the Report, I, from time to time post my winter doings, in hopes of producing envy among my loyal readers! This winter I took a two week cruise on the Golden Princess. It left from LA and sailed to Hawaii, where we toured the islands, and then sailed back to LA. Super fun!! So here are a three shots from Maui, Hawaii. If you would like to see all 115 shots go to my facebook page.
10) The island of Maui, as seen from the ship, off the west coast.
11) On shore at Lahaina, looking back at the ship.
12) The incredible Haleakala Crater at almost 10,000 ft elevation. Very cool!
So that’s the way it is, for this Thursday, the 23rd day of May, 2013.
Stay tuned to the Report for all the latest news on ElCap!
Bye, Capt. Tom

The Plane

Did you notice the plane's underside emblem? It is an Emirates plane headquartered in Dubai. I wonder what its route was.
From Tom:  It was going from North to South.  Seattle to LA maybe???  I don't know.

Pretty entertaining for a light day!

Always good to see Chris Mac on the stone. He always seems to be up to some kind of good deed and today's climb was the result of a charity auction. Good on ya Chris!

I had to laugh out loud at the lighting bolt/jackhammer reference!

I even appreciated the Golden Princess! My extended family and I took a trip on her up to Alaska a couple of years ago! Hope the 24 hour buffet didn't do as much damage to you as it did to me! Ha ha!



Loved today's report. Nice balance of climbing and passion for photography and the "Big Game". Liked the satire on James Lucas. Can't wait to be up on the big stone...Blast off June 7th with Hudon on the Fear. See you soon Tom.


"james Lucas tried to erase them earlier in the season but his jack-hammer broke"

good report'ns tom!!

love the shots going into the white circle..


6) Nasty hauling to Sickle… got enough shit in there boys?

Would those boys be Wes Goulding and crew?


Nice shots as always Tom

Excellent as always,

Excellent as always, Tom.



Timbuktu Tower
From Tom... right you are!