ElCap Report 5/22/14

ElCap Report 5.15...22.2014 A week of climbing.

By Tom Evans

Yo...  Well, it has been hot.. cold.. dry... and wet, this past week.  Right now the conditions are perfect for climbing.  The Spring climbing season is in full swing now, so come on Cubicle Pukes... get out of your prison! 

We have had many climbers on the popular routes, including the Nose, Salathe, Zodiac, Shield, Muir, 3D, Tangerine Trip, Freerider, El Nino, Golden Gate, and Reticent.  Below you will see some of the shots from this past week of climbing.  As you may recall, I am cutting down on the number and character of the Reports, so I can have more time to enjoy the Valley.  I am still shooting around the Bridge and from the meadow, so come on by and hang out. 

Select photos from this past week.

1)  The stretch from the end of the King Swing, Nose route.





2)  Roof pitch on the Shield.































3)  Windy day on the Shield.

































4)  Late evening light on the Shield.






























5)  End of the traverse from Big Sur on El Nino.






























6)  Roof Pitch, El Nino.






























7)  Start of Golden Gate.































8)  Mark of Zorro Pitch on Zodiac.






























9)  Clipping the bolt to traverse the Cyclops Eye.  El Nino.






























10)  Golden Desert on Golden Gate.






























11)  Alcove Swing at the base of ElCap.































12)  Reticent Wall, ElCap.





























In other news:  The will be a gathering in remembrance of Richie Copeland, this Saturday, May 24th at Cathedral Beach, here in Yosemite.  It will start at Noon and continue through the afternoon.  Richie's family will be here to talk with his friends and celebrate his life.  All are welcome, so come on out.

So that's the way it is, for this Thursday, the 22nd day of May, 2014.

Later, Capt. Tom



Just fantastic Tom!!!!



Yaaaaaafrickin hooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Get after it Tom!

Seen the norwegians yet ?


I have a couple of norwegian friends in Yosemite, they may very well be on the captain or half dome now. Any sigthings of a 2 person (man and woman) team from Norway the alst few days ???

Incredible how zoomed in the

Incredible how zoomed in the shots are! Great stuff as always. Thanks!!

Also, maybe it's my ignorance, but I have trouble getting past the captcha questions when posting...it seems I don't know the answers to the seemingly easy questions.

Thanks Tom!

Great shots as always and a great Report - thanks for the heads up about the memorial. We will be at the Bridge early Saturday, look forward to seeing you! -Travis (Vegasclimber)

Amazing photos!

Tom, Did you get new gear or just rested after all those cruises you took this winter?

Wow, these are some of the

Wow, these are some of the best shots, lighting and framing that I have seen for a while- did you get a new camera Tom?

Hope to see you over there before too long.


Funny... when ever a photographer takes a great shot people always ask if it is a new camere!!  Maybe it is just an indication of the photographers talent!!