ElCap Report 5/22/13

ElCap Report 5/22/13
By Tom Evans
Yo…  I arrived at the Bridge this morning to find a very strong, cold wind blowing hard from the West. The air was full of all kinds of particulate matter, brought from a great distance away. Climbers on the Nose’s lower third felt the blast the worst, and all were decked out in wind jackets and puffy’s. They all bailed!! Only climbers high on the route proceeded up the route. The wind has backed off, as I write the Report, and hopes are that it will not reappear in the morning.
Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!
Zodiac: My man Joe Shultz is pushing up the route nicely and was working up the Black Tower pitch as I departed around 3pm. The boys at the Bridge are solid in saying that Joe is a tough guy, and will send!
1)  Joe, on the Black Tower, cruising up the easy ramp leading to the “interesting” stuff!
Nose: The Nose has its’ suitors, in spite of the weather conditions. The lead group, did the King Swing early, and were last seen climbing the Great Roof. The other teams took their turn at the giant pendulum with mixed results, although all passed the test.
2) One giant leap over a man in blue. The leaper shows why black sucks on ElCap!
3) Lead team climbing to Camp 4. Better take those slings with you, Son!
4) Great colors, nice run, reached the corner, missed the grab, fell back across, Priceless!  Finn McCann got it on the next go!
A bag team and a team of three fossils, were spotted low in the legs. The bag team let it fly and it hit the head of the oldest fossil, just in from the Bronze Age! They all bailed!!
5) Magic Mushroom: Cameron and Jim made the Freeblast with bags yesterday and were spotted above Mammoth Terrace early this morning.  The cold forced them down and they looked ok in the Cafe this a.m.
Salathe: Russian hard men, Pavel Dobrinskiy and Alexander Novikov climbed the headwall to long ledge this afternoon.  Picture below is of the dynamic Ruskies!
6) The Salathe Headwall was not as friendly a place as yesterday! Wind and cold ruled the scene up there.
7) Camp 4 this afternoon.
8) The Columbia Boulder, with the Lightning Bolt replaced.
9) Marc Venery took this shot of his late partner, Mason Robison, on the Muir, just a few days ago. Mason was having a great time. We will miss his dynamic personality and friendship.
In other news: The big holiday weekend is approaching folk. Don’t come to Yosemite unless you want to sit in your car, in the giant parking lot know as the road system of the Valley! Forget about it!!!
So that’s the way it is, for this Wednesday, the 22nd day of May, 2013.
Later, Tom

Thank you

Hey Capt. Tom. We haven't met. Sorry you had to experience that accident. I've seen things that have made me feel really bad for awhile, talking in detail with friends helped. And I probably partied too much.

What you do there on the bridge really makes a big difference in my life. Thank you very much. I hope to make it to the valley late this summer. Can't wait to say hi.

Wes (PS, your first report pegged me... I was going crazy!)

Colorful clothing

I've got an idea. Why don't you get sponsored by a company like Patagonia and hand out colorful clothing and gear to those who don't have them. Or can't afford it.

That way you won't whine as much. ;)

Ultra Clear Pics.

Hey Tom,

Stellar shots as usual. They seem to get better every year. Really nice shot of Mason. I never met him, but "knew him" from your reports.



Good Report And great pics(as usual),Tom. I dunno why you whine about certain colors on the Wall, though. Those pics look just as cool to me.
Take it easy, Kirk AKA Skully
PS I heard one should Never end a sentence in a preposition.(hehehe)