ElCap Report 5/22/09

ElCap Report 5/22/09
By Tom Evans
Yo.. Ah yes!!!..  The Bridge was open for business today….  Finally finished with all the improvements.  My parking spot was not erased after all so I had my usual spot to operate from.  The ElCap shuttle bus is now running so all you climbers just down from the East Ledges can wait at the Manure pile parking lot and get a ride down to the Cap and your car, or just stay on and go back to C4.  This weekend appears to be a good one as far as the weather is concerned.   I am kind of pressed for time tonight so without further ramblings….
Today’s ECReport just for you!

The Trip:  A pretty competent party of two went right onto the route this morning and by the time I left around 4 they were at the start of the 5th pitch. 
1)  Here they are getting ready for one or two more pitches before dark.


























Mescalito:  These two guys hit quick sand and crawled along most of the day on the pitch up to the Molar Traverse.  I don’t know why, they were plugging along ok but never made much speed. 
2)  Mescalito team hauling to the start of the Molar Traverse in late afternoon.



























Nose:  The Nose had what seemed to be a record number of climbers on it today.  So many that it was difficult to keep track of who was who and what bags belonged to what team.  I NIAD team swept up the route but seemed to stall out around the boot.  They managed to jump a line from another party and continue up.  The 3D team from yesterday was above the fray and headed above camp 5 as noon arrived.  Just too many climbers to be kept track of.

3)  Climbing to Texas Flake on the Nose of El Capitan



























4)  Shield:  The Aussies were seen climbing to and over the Shield Roof in the afternoon.  They are going well enough.  Should be able to get some killer shots tomorrow.




























Golden Gate:  Mason and Clay pressed the attack higher today with Mason doing most of the heavy lifting.  I think they make about 4 pitches by the time I left.

Salathe/Freerider:  I saw several teams on this route but the light was not the best today so none really stood out.  All seem to be moving along well enough.

In other news:  I didn’t get out west to see what was up by Lurking Fear or anything out that way.  The Bridge was busy today with a lot of climbers coming by.  We had a toast of Cobras to officially open the Bridge season!!
Lots of the home boys have arrived here now and some good climbing is in store.  Some clouds were building to the east today but didn’t get down in the Valley.  All in all it was very nice, if a little cool, here today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler.  So if you can fight the holiday throngs then come on by.


So that’s the way it is for this the 22nd day of May 2009

Tom Evans

PS  Many thanks to those who have sent donations to the site… really appreciate anything you can send.

Looking forward to pics of the Aussies on the Shield

I sure am happy that the reporting season has started as it gives me something to look forward to every single day of the week. Thanks Tom.



P.S. Now let's see 3+0=................................................................3 Wow, that was close! : )

All in Good Time

Can't be there just yet. Love the vicarious buzz, though.
Thanks, Tom.

Howdy from Lynne

Super great stuff. Lovin' the feeling of being in the Valley of Wow. When my life gets back in order and the $ chaos abates will certainly support your site. Peace, Lynne