ElCap Report 10/2/16

ElCap Report 10/2/16

By Tom Evans

Yo.. A cold wind blew in from the west and temperatures plunged to seasonal lows today.  The big trade routes are getting most of the attention now that recent teams on other routes have topped out or will do so soon.  Let’s get right to the latest from ElCap.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

Lunar Eclipse:  The three person team retreated to aid a climber on Zodiac who fell on the third pitch and injured his leg.

1)  High on Zodiac Connor and Lee finished the route this morning.  Here they are on the exit pitches.






























2)  Lower down the recently appearing solo, Gustav is a result of the incident mentioned above.  He looks strong and is going well.  In the afternoon he lead the Black Tower.





























3)  Over on the Trip, Nick continues to put the pitches behind him as he motors along in the center of the route.  I got this shot of him this morning.



























4)  Later in the afternoon I returned and got this one after shooting for Adidas.





























5)  Big Andy has blasted on Tempest and is dragging his photographer along with him.  Here he is on the start of the 5th pitch this morning.






























6)  Later in the day I got this one of him finishing the lead.




























7)  Heartland:  The crew climbed into the notorious Cyclops Eye this morning and are planning on going right over the huge, rotten looking roof high above… scary stuff.






























8)  The Nose was pretty empty as Hans, Brad, and Miranda set off to see how many times they could do the route in a day.  With the wind up and temps low they made a good effort and did one and a half ascents of the famous track.  Here Miranda gets the Great Roof on the first run up the route.






























9)  Over on Freerider, I watched my buddy Dustin Moore climb the Monster crack this morning.

























10)  High on the Salathe I watched the three man team from yesterday top out.  Here they are close to the finish this morning.




























11)  Lots of action in the center of the Salathe/Freerider. Here, off to the left is the Excalibur team.. and to the right is part of the South African Team on EC Spire.





























12)  Here is the same situation but higher on the route late this afternoon.






























13)  This last shot of the report has the Excalibur Team traversing away from Freerider, which they will cross later.





























In other news:  I am so busy with other shooting that I can’t put a lot of time into the Report so please bear with me.

So that’s the way it is, on this Sunday, the 2nd day of October, 2016.

Later, Capt. Tom



3-men Salathé team

Salathé team from picture no.10 is from Czech republic.

Thank you for photos!

Peťa, Mina a Hynek


good job boys. jrigg... i want a full report on those vein systems when i see you next ;-)

That doesn't look like the

That doesn't look like the 5th pitch of Tempest!