ElCap Report 10/20/2015

ElCap Report 10/20/15  This is the last report of the Fall season.

By Tom Evans

Yo… It is very windy this evening....the first time I can recall the wind severely buffeting tents, in camp 4.  Hopefully those up high can get out of it tonight.  It should abate by morning.  The climbing season is far from over but my reporting season is over today, due to other obligations.  I will still be around shooting ElCap until I leave on the 26th of this month.  If you have enjoyed the commentary and hundreds of shots I have posted this season, then please consider donating to the site, as I have spent several thousand bucks on better lenses and cameras and it is very expensive staying here in Yosemite.  Your interest in those on ElCap, and the shots I post, are what have made this site what it is… thanks for your support!

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  ElCap, taken from the meadow this morning… this gigantic rock provides so many of us with our dreams and aspirations.  See you again in the Spring ElCap!





























1A)  Taking a lesson from the Nose, Zodiac is now having its own traffic jams!  At the start of the 4th pitch I saw a cluster of climbers and bags this morning.  Several teams are on the route now.






























2)  Tito, worst dressed climber on Zodiac, is seen here on the flying buttress pitch, while his partner, Shayde, is belaying below.






























3)  Over on ZM, two solo climbers met up at the end of the first pitch.





























El Nino has a team of two on it now.

4)  Sea of Dreams:  Paul and Steve are motoring along in good time.  Here Paul, who has suddenly gone black, is leading the Bull Dyke pitch, while Steve tends the belay.






























5)  Sean, the Brit, is solo on South Seas to Pacific Ocean route.  Here he is at the start of the 4th pitch this morning.






























6)  Sean leading the 5th on SSPO.






























Tempest:  I did spot Pete just starting to lead around 2pm today.  They have been gone many days and are about half way up the route now.  Maybe I can shoot them in the spring when they top out!  So far, it’s all good for this team of unique personalities!


7)  Genesis:  Mark Hudon is seen here leading the second pitch above the Boot as Skot Richards belays.  This is a beautiful climb to watch and shoot.





























8)  Higher, Skot, is leading below some interesting, rather sinister looking, features.






























9)  There are endless parties on the Nose and all are doing fine.  Here a team is working the Boot Flake while Skot looks on from Genesis.






























I did see a party crossing over on the 3D this afternoon.

10)  Over on El Corazon, Alex sent the Golden Desert pitch this afternoon with little apparent effort.. nice lead!  Chris was having some difficulty and I don’t know if he finally got the send.





























11)  The Salathe/Freerider had a lot of traffic today as several teams made a run at the Monster crack.





























12)  The route had its own traffic jam on the Ear today.































13)  Lower down, a collection of climbers talked it over, while waiting their turn, on Lung ledge.





























In other news:  I will be around, shooting, for several more days… if something important happens I will post a special report.  Otherwise.. have your climbing friends and loved ones contact you on their phones, for their latest updates.

I will see you again in the Spring when the grass is green and the falls are booming.  Until then, stay safe my friends, enjoy this wonderful life we have here on our exceptional planet.  I thank you for the opportunity to be your link to those who venture out on the greatest climbing rock in the world…our own El Capitan!!

Capt. Tom.. signing off, from the ElCap Meadow.

Thanks Tom

you're making people all over the world happy with your reports. Thank you and bless you!! Lots of Love from Germany! :-)

Another outstanding season of reports!

Hi Tom,

Thanks again for the superb pictures and stories. Have a great winter and hopefully you'll get out on a couple of cruises.

All the best,

Please Donate to the site, Thank you Tom

Thank you Tom for all the great photos and commentary. It is amazing how well you know every route !! Anyone who reads this report should consider donating to keep it going. This is an important history log for all climbers.


Have a great winter Tom.

Thanks for all the great pics.

All the best from my little cube in Albuquerque.

Jeremy Aslaksen


Thank you so much for doing this for us who can't be there this season. Hope you have a great winter!

Sea Of Dreams

The pitch Paul is leading on Sea of Dreams is the Bull Dyke pitch. Not the Ace In Space.


Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info Bill!

Boys are getting after it!

All the best.

Jeremy Aslaksen

Thanks for all the great

Thanks for all the great reports!

Much love and gratitude!

Capt Tom,
Thanks so much for your posts and updates! My boyfriend and his climbing partner are up on Zodiac now and I really appreciate all of the updates and photos!