ElCap Report 10/19/2019

ElCap Report 10/19/19

By Tom Evans

Yo.. The weather has continued to hold and many climbs of importance are about to be done.  And I am leaving for home in the morning, so this is the last report of the season.  Too bad I have to leave but I planned a month-long cruise a few months ago and can’t cancel it for anything.  I would like to thank all you readers and supporters of the Report. It couldn’t happen without your donations and rabid interest in the climbing on the Cap!  I have had a good, if shortened season and, as you have seen, gotten a lot of interesting shots for the climbers to have and share. 

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Two climbers are seen here relaxing and having breakfast at the base of the ElCap Spire, Salathe Wall route.





























2)  I think the ZM team topped out late this afternoon.  Here they are a day ago starting the day passing the 9 O’clock roof.






























3)  Higher on ZM we got to watch as Brandon Adams swung his aid slings like a sword and struck down all the difficulties before him.






























4)  I spotted this two-man team on Golden Gate yesterday afternoon. They climbed off this morning without the send they were training for.





























5)  Marek climbed through some interesting rock yesterday as you can see in this late afternoon shot of him.



6)  This shot of Marek was taken this morning as he neared the Devil’s Brow.






























7)  I have been watching these two climbers for the past few days working the bottom pitches of ElNino.  They are treating it like a sport climb, using mini-tractions for belays.






























8)  The guys on Magic Mushroom seen to be getting it done and are now in the awkward corners leading up to Chicken-head Ledge.






























9)  Sometimes I retreat to the Mt. Room Bar later in the evening to finish up images and connect with climbers who want their shots. Earl Bates shot.






























10)  Meadow Crew a few days ago.




























In other news: Well lots of other news will be developing in the next few weeks.  Social Media will be abuzz with all the happenings.  I will head home in the morning and rest up from my exertions this season. I appear to have an easy job, shooting climbers from the meadow, but it is much harder as there are many things to do aside from taking the photos. Anyway, fans and friends, have a great winter and take care of yourselves.  I most likely will not be here in the spring, but will see you again in the fall for as long as I am able to do so.  Best wishes to you all!

Capt. Tom… riding with lady luck!


Thanks Tom!


Thanks for the reports. Really enjoy them. Cheers


Having not placed my hands on the big stone in years, your reports always fill me with stoke and nostalgia. I can think of no better way to procrastinate on a little work than by looking at your amazing photos. Thanks Tom, please keep up the great work!
Allen Taylor


Thanks, Tom, the El Cap Report is one of the nicer things on the internet. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your hard work and keeping us connected.
And for so beautiful pictures with the best comments in the world.

Have some rest and wonderful cruise :)

Mrs Bailinsky

Thanks again for all your effort Tom.

Many people don’t realize how hard you work just to produce one report. We all love the report so thanks for giving us another season of amazing pictures and the many personal stories. You always share with us the travels of both the weekend warriors and the elite climbers. Enjoy the upcoming cruise. You’ve earned it!


With a huge heartfelt Thanks I appreciate the time and effort you dedicate towards El Cap Report and giving its climbers photo documentation on some their respected pitches. Many newer wall aficionados are just finding out about El Cap Report. I feel its an important piece of Big Wall Climbing
We hope to see you in the meadow again next year and God willing, you can make it in Spring as well as the planned Fall trip. Stay healthy Tom, keep us updated and God Bless !

Mtn Tradman