ElCap Report 10/15/2019

ElCap Report 10/15/19

By Tom Evans

Yo… The smoke seems to have vanished as quickly as it appeared… so come on down!!  The climbing season has returned.  Lots of action off the trade routes to report on.  But the big trades are still getting most of the numbers. 

Today’s ElCap Report ..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Ottawa Doug, seen here cruising into the GWC sporting a bright orange shirt, is climbing well on the Shortest Straw.






























2)  Close by Doug is Marek Reganowicz, the Polish Flash, is seen here on Born Under a Bad Sign, trying to figure out how to assemble his new D4 ledge.





























3)  Over on El Nino I spotted this leader having a go at some tough moves low on the route.






























4)  Dual bailers headed for the deck on Salathe/Freerider.





























5)  Over on the Nose… the King Swing doesn’t always go as expected. When you put a pack on your back it changes your center of gravity to higher on your body causing unexpected face plants.






























6)  One of the coolest little pitches on the Nose is the one off Dolt Tower.






























7)  We had a speedy team of three do the VA to Trip start. They have all been climbers at my home craig Seneca Rocks WVA  Here one of the climbers, JJ, is jugging their fixed line higher.





























8)  My favorite Sugar Maple is in full color now and will be out in just a day or so.






























9)  Marie Parkes is seen here finishing up cleaning one of Neil Chelton’s leads on Lost in America.






























10)  Over on New Dawn, Daniel Joo is doing a lot of the leading for Piton Pete’s party cruise up the route.






























11)  The Polish team, who bailed on Kaos, moved their kit a bit to the west, and are doing well on Native Son.  Here they are on the steep “Wing” pitch low on the route.






























12)  Another Polish team, out west on Cosmos, is seen here on the not so fun squeeze chimney, low on the route.






























13)  High on Lost in America, Neil Chelton is seen here leading the crux of the route, the Fly or Die pitch.






























14)  A couple of random dudes pause, contemplating the two pitches directly above ElCap Tower.





























In other news:  The new Dawn Wall route is taking form for Tommy, Kevin, and Alex who are working a projected line high on the cliff.  Mark Hudon is still projecting the Teflon Corner on Freerider after 5 days on the route.  Come on Mark!!

So that’s the way it is, on this Tuesday, the 15th of October, 2019.

Capt. Tom here for a little longer.

Pic #4 The dual bailers are

Pic #4 The dual bailers are Christopher Weidner and Scott. Very cool guys!! I was belaying my partner Jeff on the Monster :)

Congrats to Mark

Although not fully free -- 99% free on the freerider is such a cool, inspirational send

Yeah Tom!

Great shot. I like the different perspectives on the wall.

I love the nature and other close up pics interludes

Keep them up! Also faces on the bridge.