ElCap Report 10/14/09

ElCap Report 10/14/09
By Tom Evans
Yo… The storm has past and the most wonderful thing has happened… it’s Spring in the Fall!  It poured and poured and poured for 24 hours straight.  I have never seen anything like it here before.  This morning around 8am it cleared off and the sun came out.  Presto, it was Spring again.  Yosemite Falls is in full flow and the Tourons are going wild.  The river is fast and deep.  It was very mild today and everyone was in shorts and shirts. 

Camp 4 is not empty but you can get in any site you want.  My site in North Pines is over so I moved into C4 this morning.  I went down to Cap early in the afternoon and it still had water running off the east side, but the rest of the wall was sparkling clean.  I met Mark Hudon while walking around taking some shots.  He is here with his friend John to do the Shield after many years away from the rock.  He and Max Jones were the shit back in the late 70’s if I recall.  They pushed the free climbing standards pretty hard back then… but those years are long gone and it is a new time… so …It should be interesting after so long away.  I will keep you posted for sure.  Also ran into Seth and Brian who are going to do a run on the Nose over the next couple of days. 
I have not heard a thing from Regan, but he usually takes a couple of days to bring his kit down from the top of the Cap.  UPDATE 10/15  Regan is down and well... big epic... I will let him tell his story as it is a good one.  I will post a link to Supertopo when it appears there.

Lines are being fixed, bags are being hauled.  It is beginning again on the Captain.

I do get away from the bridge from time to time to do some landscape shooting, so since I have no climbing photos to post from today I will post some shots I got today and after the previous storm…

Today's shots first.  I won't explain what they are as you will know anyway.









































































































































These shots are from after the previous storm.



































































So that’s the way it is for this the 14th day of October, 2009.
Spring in Fall, who would have thought!
Later Tom

Great Shots Tom ... as usual!

Wish I could see it live.
The next best thing is always through your lens!
Love ya,

Awesome Photos!

Thank you for the photos. You've captured the magic.
I will be in the Valley in 2 weeks with my daughter Ellen to cheer Mark Hudon and John Fine on their Nose in a day effort.
I look forward to meeting you! Thank you for your plan to keep us in the loop about their endeavors.
Peggy Thompson-Hudon


As always, we love it!!!


Lost Biscuit bet

I'm catching up on the news after a few days of travel, and see that I totally lost the TTrip Biscuit bet. So I owe you. Since I'm in upstate NY right now, I'll settle my debt by mail. Best to the other soloist, Althea, on the Trip.
(Calcutta) Andrew.

Great bunch of shots

Thanks, Tom.


Mark Hudon and John Fine

I would wager that Mark and John are going to fire up the Shield in short order, as well as a few other routes. Let me be the first to lift a beer in cheer to welcome Mark back to the Valley after his long absence! Rack em and rock em boys!!

Gorgeous .. I want be there so bad!

Today's shots are very captivating and alluring. Looking at these I am certainly there in spirit even though I can't be physically.

the only place that matters

i'm here (nyc) but i'm there (yos, duh.)
killing me not to live in the ditch full time, especially with shots like that. the big clouds floating past el cap always remind me of dinosaurs. or battleships.

good luck to those on the cap in the late season.

see you,

Crowley chimes in:

Nice pics Tom.

The wonders of Fall in Yosemite.

Prod sez!

Tom I love ravens, and that is an awesome pic.





Hi Tom.....I LOVE the Wispy cloud shots!
Good Shizz, for sure.