ElCap Report 10/11/2014

ElCap Report 10/11/14  

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Lots of climbing being done these days, as the weather has been some of the best I can recall, for this time of year.  The power is back on in the Valley and the road is sort of open with different schedules and lane operations.  Better check before you come up on 140.  Today was moon day but a thin layer of clouds dulled the shots but tomorrow is another moon day, the last of the season, and we will see.  Internet has been a problem.  The reports are done and written but I am unable to find internet fast enough to post them… I will post as soon as possible.. sorry!

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you..unique in all the world!

PSD:  The boys are back at it with the addition of another partner...Charle Kable…so now it’s a team of three.

1)  The baggage train has left the station!
































2)  Later in the afternoon one of the guys lead out on what is the third pitch for them.  Here the route looks very vague.. the first ascent somehow found a path through this area.






























3)  Surgeon General:  Marek is established on this difficult route now.  Here he is on the first pitch.





























Zodiac:  The guys fixing yesterday turned out to be a party of three who were spotted today doing the Black Tower pitch. 

Trip: 4) The soloist from a couple of days ago, Neal Davis, climbed back to the corner of the roof on 4, but I left too early to see him go higher.





























5) Next door Kitty Calhoun and partner Kathy, climbed from 2 and were close to the top of 4 when I departed.  Here they are climbing past the famous “Black Cat”.






























6)  Native Son:  Jordan Webster got the call, and is seen here, in the shit, on the Coral Sea pitch.  He cruised it!!






























7)  By afternoon partner Adam Tischler got the long traversing pitch to the belay below the Wing.  The boys both looked strong today!





























8)  Mescalito:  Jon and Skot are moving right along on this early 70’s classic.  I got this shot, of Skot, as the sun was disappearing around the buttress of the Nose.






























9)  Tempest:  Jeremy and Paul continue to knock off the pitches in good order.  Here Jeremy heads around the corner to some good climbing higher.





























10)  Nose:  Several teams are on the route now, stretching from Sickle Ledge to the top.  This shot shows what is becoming a very popular way to pass the King Swing.  I think some teams don’t like the idea of leading the pitch above Eagle ledge without a belay from below. 






























11)  Chilling on the nice stance above Dolt Tower this afternoon.






























12)  This morning I heard the whop, whop of a chopper and saw this Sky Crane approaching.  I wheeled the big gun around, tracked it manually, and got this shot.  Notice the water hose operator looking down from his perch under the fuselage.































Muir:  Two parties are on this route at the moment, but out of view right now.  Mark and Alice, Jean and Adam will have a good time on this excellent route.

Salathe:  I did see a team on the route, climbing from Hollow Flake to the Ear.

In other news:  Lots of good routes to climb and watch these days.  Some say that snow is in the forecast next week… we will see.

So that’s the way it is, on this Saturday, the 11th day of October, 2014.

Capt. Tom 




PSD, Surgeon General, Native

PSD, Surgeon General, Native Son, Tempest!!!!

Monkeys be handle in buisness!!! Ooouuuaahhh!!!