ElCap Report 10/02/13 Special Shutdown Edition

ElCap Report 10/02/13  Special Shutdown Edition.

By Tom Evans

Yo… Things are getting weird here now.  There is a ranger check-point on the road at camp 4.  They stop you and tell you that if you leave and do not have a nps sticker or employee card that you will not be able to return once you drive past that check-point.  Another check-point is at the EC crossover.  Everyone must be gone by 3pm tomorrow.  I have a site in camp 4 tonight and will be attending an impromptu “last night” party there.  I can’t go down to the Bridge to check on those on the wall who may be of interest to you, so this will be the last report until the government grows up and stops playing childish politics.

1)  Camp 4 checkpoint.





























We are all hoping that this mess will sort itself out soon.  Climbers on the walls will not be bothered and will be able to come down and gather their things without any problems.  I talked with Chief Law Enforcement Ranger, Jack Hoeflich about an hour ago and his men and women are doing the best they can under difficult circumstances.  If your camping stuff is in camp 4 be sure to pack it up and put it in a car.  If you have friends who are on a wall and their site will expire soon then perhaps you could do that for them.

2)  Local "Old timers" Stu Kuperstock, on the bike, and Roger Brown, telling us how it is!





























On a personal note I am trying to make arrangements to stay near the park so that I can come back in when it reopens.  I would appreciate anyone in the area contacting me if they have a driveway or a place I can stay for a few days. UPDATE:  Many thanks to those have called me to offer a place for the shutdown!!  I have made arrangements this afternoon for the place to stay.... Many thanks my friends!!

3)  Packing the Van for the trip out in the morning.



























Also, sorry to bother you here, but my camping, when the park does reopen, will be for just 9 days more.  That means that I will miss the last half of the season of shooting and doing the report.  If you can help me out then I would greatly appreciate it and promise I will not intrude into your life.  I get up real early and don’t finish the report until around 9pm, so I will be coming in late.  The closer to the park the better and inside would be unbelievable!  Many thanks for your consideration.

As of this moment, I know of no difficulties anyone is having on ElCap, and the weather is awesome… Best of luck to your wall climbing friends and loved ones.

So that’s the way it is, for this Wednesday, the 2nd day of Oct. 2013.

Hope to be back on your computer soon!!

Capt. Tom signing off!


Comment written on 10/22/13...As you know the Shutdown ended on the 18th of October.  However, I went home, after a few days of waiting it out with friends, and will not be returning to Yosemite this Fall.  I hope to see you again in the Spring, if all goes as I hope it will.


2nd day of Sep? No...Oct....hahaha



whats going on?

as far as i can imagine, and as far as i know yosemites climbing scene - i can not imagine, that climbers change their plans accordingly to the shutdown.
I guess the run on el cap must be huge right now, as everyone wants to get on the wall and out of sight of park-rangers? can somoene confirm that? thanks.

i'm glad i stumbled on this.

i'm glad i stumbled on this. my husband is up there (tangerine trip). i actually spotted him in one of your pics from yesterday. hope they all get to finish and get down safely. your site is great!


Appreciate the reports. My son & a friend are up there as well. Hope they get to finish their climb! Again THANKS


Yo Tom, call me if you need a place to park and bivi in yo-west. Bill 372-8545

Place in Oakhurst

Hi Tom,

My wife Sarah and I would be happy to have you stay with us. Our street is just off of 41 and should provide easy access back into the park. We actually live 15 minutes from the South Gate. We have a spare bedroom and plenty of space. You can contact me at graham@summitadventure.com or call me at (559) 760-9459.



Place to stay.

Tom if San Jose isn't to far you're more then welcome to stay in our guess bed room.

William (David's dad)



Good luck in finding arrangements. You might try khanom on ST, he as a farm near Groveland.

Jeff (Fattrad)


Thanks so much for the update Tom! My husband is up there on El Cap somewhere so its good to know what is actually happening with the shutdown. Such a bummer they won't even let you go past camp 4, hopefully this will end soon :)
Thanks for all you do and your reports!


what route is he on? My husband's up there too. Long time Yosemite climber but first El Cap ascent. What an experience for everyone up and down.


He's on the nose, they got in astroman earlier in the week and wanted to do the nose after :) I bet they will be shocked when they get down, unless word is spreading up there.


Good for them! I bet words spreading. I imagine it'd be surreal, especially for anyone descending Friday after the evac.

Yeah, I was up soloing the

Yeah, I was up soloing the Muir when the shutdown happened. It was soooooo eerie to wake up about 2200' up on friday morning and for the valley floor to be empty.

No tourists in the meadow, a car driving by every 2 or 3 minutes or so. And just a lot of quiet.



Yo Matt, great hearing that you are down from the Muir.... congratulations on your climb!  Regards Tom Evans