El Cap Report 10/17/08

ElCap Report 10/17/08

By Tom Evans

Yo... well it is nice here but a bit on the hazy side. The rock is pretty empty. I have some stuff to do so this will be short and to the point. Today's Report..

Zodiac: Gary and Eric were just a pitch from the top when I left at around 3pm today. They will be off just in time for Gary to make it to work tomorrow!! Lucky guy! Plus they didn't take all the food and water left by last weeks team. There are still 3 gallons and a food bag hanging there at the top of the Nipple... booty if you need it, when you need it!

 Eric leading above Peanut ledge.


Hauling and cleaning above Peanut Ledge

Heading for the top on Zodiac

Nose: I saw a party of three from yesterday climbing the Great Roof as I arrived and going into camp 5 as I left.

Leading the Great Roof

Leading pancake flake

Jugging and hauling on Pancake flake

 Pitch to camp 5

Lower down I spotted two guys doing the King Swing and then heading on toward Camp 4 as I left.

Lowering across the king swing

Climbing into the gray bands

Lower yet was a team of two in the Stove Legs who climbed over Dolt Tower and then on toward ECT.

Muir: Looked like Ivo, Ammon and son Austing sitting on Heart Ledge this morning as I hurried out west around the loop. I didn't see them for the rest of the day.

Golden Gate: I did see the Norwegian team on the last pitch of this Huber classic this afternoon. Free Rider. The team of two on the Monster crack yesterday were seen climbing to the Salathe Roof and then around the corner.

In other news: The art auction is in a few minutes so I am out of here.

So that's the way it is for this the 17th day of October 2008.

later ECP's