El Cap Report 10/06/08

ElCap Report 10/06/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo.. Really super nice today here at the bridge and in the valley. As a result the Big Stone was crawling with climbers. I am having some computer problems at the moment so I am not going to try to post pics with this report yet but will insert them at a later date. Today’s report is brought to you by Katie Brown and Alex Honnold who were seen cruising up to the start of the White Circle early in the afternoon. Thanks for the red shirt Alex!!! Today’s report follows right here….

Eagles Way: Nico and Sean are back on the route with free climbing the priority. They are about 6 pitches up and were seen lounging on a big ledge at the start of the upper dihedrals.

Zodiac: As mentioned Alex and Katie easily climbed the first 7 of the free variation of this route. They passed several other parties and I understand are going to give the GWC (great white circle) a go in the morning. Lower down is the team of Andrew and Catalin who were last seen at the top of the BT pitch. Below them was another team of two and another team yet was seen climbing the route from the ground with bags.

First pitch of Zodiac

Katie Brown free on the Black Tower

ZM: Matt and Brian climbed out of the GWC today and will soon be at the stash left by PTPP where they will find much alcohol and food. Eat up boys!!

Matt Lambert from way out of town on Zenyatta

The Trip: I did see a team of two climb to the top of the 2nd pitch this afternoon.

Reticent: Davito climbed the two pitches above the crux above wine tower today. He seems to be in control of the situation.

Mescalito: Lincoln, Jessie, and Rock, the park geologist, climbed to the 8th pitch of this route today. Lincoln was on the sharp end and things went fast due to his long reach and vast experience. They are attending a big set of bags which Jessie seems determined to take charge of. This is a sort of scientific climb with geology studies in mind… yeah I guess that excuse is as good as any to go climbing. Rock looked scared but Jessie calmed him by shooting some skeet’s from the belay with his always ready 9mm. Reload men!!

Jessie Dr Rock Lincoln on the Seagull pitch

Lincoln leads the Seagull pitch

Nose: The route had many parties on it today. All were below the Grey bands at the start of the day and by noon a large, ugly mob of climbers had gathered at the start of the great roof. Loud arguing was heard all the way down at the bridge and I hear that bottles were being thrown at the lead team. A team bailed from the start of the Jardine traverse. I figured the weather must have been just too good for them to continue. I counted around 7 parties on the route with a couple being one day types.

Nick from Ireland climbs the Boot Flake

Making the stretch on the King Swing

Climbing the boot late in the day

 Shield: Narek was seen climbing the shield roof this afternoon and I understand that two Colorado climbers, Mark and John are right behind him. They will pass in the morning perhaps.

Narek climbing above the Roof pitch on the Shield

Magic Mushroom: The team topped out this afternoon and were down in time for a little gathering in honor of Cam and Scott Ring who are soon to depart for a different lifestyle in Las Vegas. Best of luck to them.

Octopussy: EE and Ms Beck finished this route yesterday and were down at the bridge by afternoon. They liked the route and I am sure Holly will give us one of her super duper trip reports in the near future.

In other news: The fast and free teams are in the fore this week with Hans and Yuji climbing fast on Wed. But will they climb fast enough? Alex and Katie are climbing free, but will it be free enough? Nico and Sean are also climbing free but will it go free? Chris Sharma is hoping to climb free but will his on-sight skills last more than a few pitches? Only time will tell!! But you can be sure that your man, ElCap-pics, will be here with the biggest lens in the park to take in all the sights and fill you cubicle pukes in on all the latest successes and failures. So stay tuned and get ready for some real hot dog climbing.

So that’s the way it is for this the 6th day of October 2008.

So long, ECP’s