El Cap Report 09/30/08

ElCap Report 9/30/08

By Tom Evans

Yo… short and sweet … I just went down in the morning and then went climbing in the afternoon. Everyone is moving up well enough.

Today's ElCap Report...

Zodiac: Two teams are on it now with one on the 4th when I arrived and one starting the 2nd pitch.

Kaos: Pete and Kate are moving up and I expect they will be on ZM by now.

Trip: The solo was climbing the 5th pitch when I left in the late morning. He looks good.

Mescalito: The lads moved off the top of the Bismarck and I expect they may be off late tomorrow or early the next day.

Reticent: Nicki spotted the solo, Davito, drilling on a pitch today and I took a shot of it. Why drilling? Who knows? Usually there is a good reason that we on the ground can only speculate about.

Nose: Jay and Jeanette are not breaking any records up there but Hans reported that they are having fun so I am not worried about them.. They will make camp 4 and hopefully fix something. The days are going by but it is cooler now so I have lessened my fears about their water supplies.

A couple of other teams, one with a woman are near J and J and will most likely pass soon. Two teams were in the Stove legs this morning.

Salathe: Saw a team a few above ECS and one climbing the Monster crack and one on Hollow Flake.

Pics below:

Climbing off the top of the Bismarck Mescalito.

Reticent solo, Davito, drilling for oil.

King Swing

Jay and Jeanette heading toward camp 4

Erik Sloan and Tom Evans at the bridge with new 800mm lens