El Cap Report 06/21/08

ElCap Report 6/21/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo… Well it was another nice day here with some cooler air and a few clouds coming in later in the day. There were few Tourons and fewer climbers hanging around which made for a very quiet day here. I have to get some work done on my show tonight so this will be to the point. Today’s report brought to you by Big Wall Kate who was by for a while sporting a new Subaru wagon. She looked fit and happy and is looking forward to doing some climbing. So here it is for today…

The ElCap Report:

Zodiac: Lifeless. The 6 Koreans took the day off I suppose.

Tribal Rite: I did talk to Doug this morning and later in the day too. He sends his love to his family. He did the Carrot this morning and is leading off on the next pitch as I write these words. He said the Carrot was pretty tame, and for that he was grateful! He had a nice ledge last night and thinks he will have one tonight too. He sent thanks to Gene Malone and says he is using the stuff he borrowed. It looks to me like he is climbing with confidence and is getting the pitches done pretty fast too.

Ottawa Doug Starting the day below the Carrot

Doug waving to the family from his self imposed prison on Tribal Rite

Doug sizing up the Carrot, notice the Horse head Dike above

Doug half way up the Carrot which is way foreshortened from this angle

Nose: Well Steve’s team did get out of the chute and past the team that was camped on ECT. He blew up the Jardine and was on the great roof hauling the bags when I left. I did talk to him briefly this morning and all is well and fun is being had by all. It turns out that the lonely rope in the Gray Bands was a dropped haul line by one of the two man teams off yesterday, or the day before I think. I told Steve to either toss it or coil it and maybe someone would pick it up and take it off the Mt. He coiled it and left it at a belay.

The race is on with Team Steve on the left and Team Two on the right

Reaching for the chalk on the Boot Flake

So close yet so far away. Team Steve is actually ahead as the other team has yet to do the King Swing

The other team, now at the back of the line, did the King Swing and are a couple of pitches behind Steve’s. They could go past Steve if they go to camp 6, as he is staying at camp 5 tonight and then off tomorrow. They are doing a good job on the route with no glitches yet.

Muir Wall: Team Celtic walked out of the Bridge area this morning with bags and determination written all over their faces. I will keep an eye out for them.

In other News: The Aussies left today after a busy and productive trip. Travel safe Punters!! Some of the bridge posse are heading down to Sequoia NP to hang out with Richie, who works there at some kind of high end camping/resort facility. They will be gone for a week or more. The old Captain is really empty with just the few teams mentioned climbing. PTPP is talking about doing a right side route and is amassing the legions of porters necessary for one of his “adventures”. Rumor has it he is going to climb with a beautiful woman way out of his league. I will keep you posted as best I can, given that it is Pete we are talking about!! Feel the spray?! Joy and hubby Mike came by today. He did a sub 15 hour NIAD yesterday and Joy, of course, did the route with Sarah a few days ago. She showed her prowess with finding climbers and features through the telescope without assistance. The girl can work the scope! Maybe my replacement? God I hope so!! Other than those morsels, there is no news that I can release to the public at this time. You know I know tons more of the most interesting and juicy kind but am honor bound to keep it under wraps!

 So that’s the way it is for this the 21 day of June 2008.

So long… ECP’s