El Cap Report 06/09/08

ElCap Report 6/9/08

By Tom Evans

Yo! SWEET DAY!!!! It really was folks. Perfect temps, clear skies, cool breezes. However the Captain was nearly empty! Yep that’s right, just a few teams of climbers in this perfect weather. Why you ask? Well most topped out yesterday and there are few up to replace them. The Bridge, however, was busy with people most of the day. Today’s report is brought to you by Zander, who came by with the Beer, and hung out for a long time watching the few climbers on the wall. So here it comes, direct from Dead Bird ledge on Zodiac to you… Today’s ElCap Report..

Zodiac: Some one has finally gotten on this wide open route. A party of two caught my eye as they climbed the third pitch this morning around 10:30. When I left at a little after two they were finishing up the notorious Black Tower Pitch, and there was a lot of daylight left. I don’t think we will see these guys for many more days!

Mescalito: Simon was seen hauling to the sloping ledge three pitches from the top when I left. He could get off tonight if he wanted to. We will see what happens.

Nose: Kate and Madeline were seen climbing the last couple of pitches of their NIAD last night. Way to go girls! Team Celtics did the King Swing this morning and were seen at the Great Roof when I left. They hit the Swing really fast and are moving well.

Team Celtics running hard on the King Swing Nose Route

Just pulling it off with a diving catch on the King Swing Nose Route

Lower then higher was a NIAD with Hayden and Sam. I picked them up at Eagle Ledge around 10am and watched them climb out to view to the Glowering Spot, above Camp 5 as I left. They were really busting the moves and will easily make the top in daylight. The question is will they break 12 hours? These kids just might do it with time to spare!

Hayden leading off Eagle Ledge on their NIAD.

Hayden leading the Pancake Flake as they are short fixing everything. Nose Route

Hayden leads above Camp 5 heading toward the Glowering spot, Nose route.

Lower down I saw a team low in the Stove Legs with nice red shirts. They were a little late but making good progress toward Dolt Tower as I left.

Salathe: I did see a team around the Teflon Corner this morning but the angle is not so good and I didn’t get shots of them.

In other news: Sean Leary and Leo Holding did make their Free link up of Free Rider and the NWFHD yesterday with time to spare! Very nice lads. They both looked none the worse for wear at the bridge today! Pete and Mark came by and both look quite good for having spent 14 days on SSPO. Ken Bokelund stopped by early and we had a chat about his solo of Aurora. He too looked fit and was quite happy with the route. Beat Kammelander and his partner on the Nose came by for some beer and good cheer with us at the Bridge this afternoon. Ollie and Chris stopped by after their ascent of the classic Mescalito. They both looked so fresh it made me very envious of that thing called youth! There were many more here too. Just to mention a few: Matt Thomsen, just down from his solo of Zodiac (just between you and me, the lad has that slightly “worked” look!) my old buddy from back in the 90’s Scott Lennox stopped by for a while and was looking at the big stone with a longing look… I tried to tell him to forget it but I don’t know, he just may saddle up for another ride on the Big Stone.

Mike and Wendy Graham stopped by on bikes and stayed to chat about their climb of Lower Cathedral Spire yesterday. Lots of Tourons were in evidence too… all in all it was just plain nice here and where were you, trusted reader? That’s right, at the grind trying to make a buck to buy some of that $4.50 gas so you can drive back and forth to work each day. Tomorrow? The same for you and for me too… good luck, I don’t need any!! Pictures of some Bridge visitors today. Two way too fresh looking teams.

Sean and Leo from the FR HD link up. And Ollie and Chris from Mescalito.

Sean Leary gets the good news, Patti can take care of his dog for another day!

Ollie looking like the kid he is but right after Mescalito… too much!

Mark and Mike listen to the verbose Piton Pete telling it like he sees it!

Can you find the two climbers in the Bridge crowd this afternoon? I am NOT the 4th person from the right!!

So that’s the way it is for this the 9th day of June 2008.

So long… ECP’s