El Cap Report 05/24/08

ElCap Report 5/24/08

By Tom Evans

Man the life boats!! Screw the women and children, its every man for himself!! Total rain soaking here today.. low clouds.. every one is holding up in the Cafe. I expect some of my more creative “cafe rats” to write a ElCafe report from there sometime today. Fortunately the wall emptied out yesterday with several top-outs and fixers delaying the start of new projects. I didn't go down to the Captain today, as I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to see it anyway, as the clouds are just off the deck here today.

Lee and Ben Cossey would be working in the White Circle on their quest to do the Free Zodiac route. This would be killer weather for them as they are well under the overhangs and will not have heat problems. Good luck guys!!

On a personal note: Those in charge of my physical well being have decreed that I need to lose some weight and my diet is no longer to include luxuries like Cobras. So those of you who pass by the bridge in the future please do not bring these treats to me. (Disregard that last sentence as it was made under duress!) There will be some around for returning parties from the Cap and for others who want to hang and have a brew but you are not doing me a favor if you bring them for me. Thanks for helping out gang!!

The weather is supposed to be in this wet pattern for a couple more days so if you have saved your vacation time to come and climb in the bright CA sun then put it off for a while. We need the rain here so it is not the end of the world to have some moisture and the heat will return soon enough as it always does.

So that’s the way it is here in the Yosemite Valley bath tub for this 24th day of May 2008.

PS I am doing the show tonight at the lodge, weather permitting, so if you are hanging in the valley today and are bored this evening come on by. Later Tom