El Cap Report 05/19/08

Yo... a little cooler today here at the bridge but still pretty hot up there on the wall. I have an early dinner with my monkey posse in a bit so I will shift right to the action.

Zodiac: The team of 3 continued into the circle today and will most likely stay at the start to the Nipple pitch tonight.

Lost In America: The Belgian team pushed higher today and are at the start of the mandatory free climbing this evening.

Trip: The Three man team (not two as reported yesterday) pushed over the top and came by the bridge today. They looked pretty good after the ordeal.
Lower down a well dressed team of two with red shirts climbed to the end of the 4th today as I left. Will shoot a lot of them due to their colors.

PO Wall: That team spent the day lounging on Island in the sky.

New Dawn Women: The women’s local climbing team was making its way up toward Wino Tower as I departed after some effort getting across the traverse from the ElCap tower area. These girls never stop and you will have to show up pretty early to see their ledges open.
New Dawn Solo Man: Saw the lad in the orange shirt climb to Lay Lady Ledge this afternoon in the shade. Will he go up to ND itself or right to Reticent? Find out tomorrow!

Nose: The Yellow bag team was getting to camp 4 as I left. Lower down there was a team climbing to ECT. Lower yet was a team dragging their way toward Dolt at a determined pace.
On the first few pitches the usual crowding reined supreme and we will see who makes it to Dolt Hole first in the a.m.

Salathe: Saw a team high on the route but it was a bit hazy so I didn’t shoot them.

Out West. My man DT was over to LF to get the last of our stuff and reported some starting and some bailing... he reported that the cooling trend hadn't reached that area yet!

Have to go so I wont do the "in other news section". We did have a nice time at the bridge and a pretty fair crowd was in evidence.
That’s the way it is for this the 19th day of May 2008...
Signing off... Ansel Evans