El Cap Reports from June 2008

El Cap Report 06/30/08

ElCap Report 6/30/08

Yo.. Well it started out really nice today here at the bridge.  Great weather with clear skies and a nice wind from the SE.  But that soon changed and the prevailing west wind did its thing and came along late in the morning with tons of smoke.  I was lucky I got out a little early to shoot the NC lads on Zodiac before the smoke set in.  The bridge was pretty quiet today.  The action on the Cap was quite subdued, as you will read below.

El Cap Report 06/29/08

ElCap Report 6/29/08
By Tom Evans

Yo..  Yep it is Sunday and another fine day here in the Valley.  I was up very early to go down to the Great Rock and see the unfolding events of the day.  There was a nice wind from the SE for a change and the sky was clear with some small white clouds briskly moving across the sky.  The air was crisp and clear, a real pleasant change from the smoke and haze of the past week.  I gave the show at the lodge last night and we all had a good time.  There were few climbers with Winky holding down the rear seating area.  Bobo showed up for a time with his partner Chris but they were off to the Dome for a one day climb so they didn’t stay long.  Most of the climbers are gone now or climbing on the routes.  So I was kind of tired when I got up at 5:25 this morning but the cobwebs were soon gone with excitement of the day.

El Cap Report 06/28/08

ElCap Report 6/28/08
By Tom Evans

Yo.. Well I wish I could tell you that the air is fresh and clear like it usually is this time of year… but the fires keep making the smoke that the west wind keeps blowing into the valley.  It was very smoky most of the day with short spells of fair visibility.  For a Saturday the place was pretty dead.  Some action on the big stone and several new teams getting ready to depart. 
Today’s report is brought to you by Hollywood Hans himself as he drifted by with the kids for a little down by the river time this afternoon.  Nice to see him out and about with the kids for a little relaxation.

El Cap Report 06/27/08

ElCap Report 6/27/08

By Tom Evans

Yo… The fires are not going away in CA and neither is the smoke in the Valley. The mornings aren’t too bad but the afternoons are really ugly. Today was nice enough if not for the smoke. The Touron traffic is down too. The Cap is pretty active all things considered. Photography was particularly difficult in all the smoke and it was difficult to see any one west of the Nose as the light conspired with the smoke to produce a screen almost impossible to even see through. Today’s report is brought to you by Megan McGahey, the wife of our own climbing ranger who is presently trying to sneak up Zodiac without telling anyone! Fat chance of that Jesse! The eye in the sky is on you Son!

El Cap Report 06/26/08

ElCap Report 6/26/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo! Still very nasty air here in the valley. The smoke was as thick as Stews skull today. The photography was nearly impossible and few good shots were taken. However, early in the day, when Hans and Yuji went for the record on the Nose, the air was much better but that usually welcome west wind was the agent of doom today. There is a lot to write and I will have to include pics later as I have 300 images to do and not enough time to do it all tonight. So you get the report now and the pics inserted when I can… live with it pukes! Today’s report is brought to you by Jannett, or it might be Janice, you know how bad my memory can be especially in the company of a beautiful woman! She came up to me, as I was about to leave this afternoon, with a pile of home made cookies and a box of beers to share with the bridge rats. She was just so sweet and nice that I stayed a while to chat with her, as we looked at the great rock. She explained that she and her husband are climbers who are mostly weekenders on the cliffs but that does not diminish their love of climbing and this place. She reads the Report every day and enjoys knowing all that is going on here. Very refreshing to talk to such an enthusiastic woman. Thank you so much Jannett for brightening my long day here at the bridge. It is for people like you that I come out here day after day and do the photos and the report, sometimes working late into the night to get it all done.

El Cap Report 06/25/08

ElCap Report 6/25/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo! It was another nasty day here at the Bridge and in Yosemite in general. The smoke was so thick I could barely even make out the Cap much less focus the camera on climbers. But I do all I can because I know that the climbers up there want to have something to see from their climb and with image processing programs I was able to salvage a few shots of each team. All the climbing images below looked like the following one before I processed them. It is a frigging miracle I got such good results.

El Cap Report 06/24/08

ElCap Report 6/24/08

By Tom Evans

Yo… the smoke was just about impossible here at the bridge today. I couldn’t even see enough to focus the camera. I shot anyway knowing that the processing program can take a lot of the junk out of the shot and I was amazed to get some fair shots. Also Doug was on his last day and I wanted to have some record of the end of his climb. The Tourons were as thick as the smoke and it was tiring to explain things over and over and to try to show them where the climbers were through the dense smoke. It is bad enough even on a clear day. Several climbers came by and relieved me for a time. There was some action on the cliff and more to come in the next few days.

El Cap Report 06/23/08

ElCap Report 6/23/08 By Tom Evans Yo.. So you may have heard that the Valley is pretty smoky these days, well it is Way Smoky. But, I know that my audience of cubicle pukes, and tied down worker bees in the in the crush of capitalism don’t give a rodents rectum about my working conditions and just want the news right from the rock directly to them. I set my alarm and got up early, so you would have a front row seat to all of today’s action on the Captain. I was in the Café by 6:30 and had my usual heart attack special, the Breakfast Burrito! Then I went down to the big stone to see what I could see.

El Cap Report 06/22/08

ElCap Report 6/22/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo! Guess there is a fire out to the west of the valley as there was some smoke drifting in today on the Cap. Otherwise it was nice and a little cooler maybe. We had a little gusty wind with just a few drops of rain late in the afternoon yesterday and it was hoped that would bring in the cooler weather. I had a good show last night with lots of Tourons and Monkeys in attendance. It is my last one of the spring as I am out of here in a few days. I will be back in late Sept. Most of my posse left for Sequoia this morning, leaving me and BMDJake to hold down the fort. He is off in a couple of days to do a route on the LA with a female friend who is a relative noobee to the sport. The bridge was deserted in the morning until Jingy showed up with beers and a philli-cheeze he got outside the park… nice!! So today’s report is brought to you by Jingy who was here with the goods … So kill all the prisoners, burn the buildings, scatter the animals and pay attention because here is today’s … ElCap Report…

El Cap Report 06/21/08

ElCap Report 6/21/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo… Well it was another nice day here with some cooler air and a few clouds coming in later in the day. There were few Tourons and fewer climbers hanging around which made for a very quiet day here. I have to get some work done on my show tonight so this will be to the point. Today’s report brought to you by Big Wall Kate who was by for a while sporting a new Subaru wagon. She looked fit and happy and is looking forward to doing some climbing. So here it is for today…

El Cap Report 06/20/08

ElCap Report 6/20/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo. Was it nice today or what? A lovely day with a nice breeze and clear skies. There was some activity on the wall to keep track of and Tourons to explain things to. Sadly, some of the bridge rats have taken to giving out stupid answers to Touron questions. Stuff like…”The park service puts the portaledges up on the climbs for you if you call in for reservations.” It was kind of funny at first but it just makes things harder for me, as I have to explain that the rats are just joking around… after a time it gets Very old. Plus some of the rats have very limited vocabularies and make use of vulgarities even with children around. Not good. Also the rap music with the “progressive lyrics” is not so enjoyable to most people who come by. So if you happen by please try not to be offensive in manner and speech. Today, however, the Colorado Girls, Joy and Sarah were down here and were talking to the Tourons about their recent climb up the Nose. They were really sweet, answering all the questions with honest, straightforward answers. Thanks girls!!

El Cap Report 06/19/08

ElCap Report 6/19/08

By Tom Evans

Yo… yes it was warm on the wall today but not THAT warm. The air was sweet until around noon when the west wind brought some of that, thick as mud, air up from the valleys to the west. The action was limited with Ottawa Doug doing some heavy lifting. The Bridge was, as Bring Me Death Jake said, “Dead.” We had a nice quiet morning and a completely opposite afternoon with endless Tourons passing through. We did have a lot of climbers and ST posters wander in and out throughout the afternoon. All in all it was a pretty good day here. How was it where you live? Oh, you don’t know because you were nose to the grindstone all day working for Uncle Sam most of the time? Ok,we understand. Even a not so great day here is better than a pretty damn good day at work? Right? Right!!

El Cap Report 06/18/08

ElCap Report 6/18/08

By Tom Evans

Yo! Really nice today and not so hot. The bridge was jammed with all the slacker boys and a horde of Tourons too. Most of the traffic was on the Nose with no NIAD’s going on. The air was as clear as I have seen it all spring and several teams were moving toward the rock to start routes. The guys who fixed on the trip several days ago come down as did Team Celtics who started the Muir yesterday. Team Celtic was hit with rock fall from high on the wall as they slept on their ledges. One of the team was hit and injured but, fortunately, not seriously. There were no parties above them so the old Cap hucked some missiles down at random. Beware folks, that thing is alive and weathering all the time!

El Cap Report 06/17/08

ElCap Report 6/17/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo! Not to bad down here in the rats nest at the bridge today. I had the place to myself for most of the morning as the monkeys were doing other things. The day was a little on the warm side here and it was reflected in the number of parties on the Captain. Those on the Great Rock were moving nicely upward and I didn’t see anyone bailing, so it must have been pretty bearable. Today’s report is brought to you by the Colorado Girls husbands who came by in the afternoon for a look see at their wives and inquire as to their progress. So listen up Pukes and don’t think that you can get this stuff anywhere else, because there is only one man on the scene who is in the know…. That’s right... and you know that man is ....ECP’s. Many come seeking knowledge but few the price will pay. Even though your ignorance is profound I will take pity on you and allow you to read …… Today’s ElCap Report….

El Cap Report 06/16/08

ElCap Report 6/16/08

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Nice here today but a little on the hot side. The breeze was good here in the rats nest at the Bridge. All the usual suspects here today with a couple ST posters coming by to say hi and hang in the meadow. The action was brisk on the Nose route today and I will tell you more below in the body of the report. The report is brought to you today by Dave Turner who did a nice flip off the, across the river, slack line this afternoon. Today’s report follows:

El Cap Report 06/15/08

ElCap Report 6/15/08

By Tom Evans

Yo… A nice day here if a little on the warm side. The Great Rock is virtually empty at this time. So there was a lot of time to just sit around and talk and munch out. Lots of climbers were in and out. The Touron population was low. Several Tourons came by who had been at the show last night and said it was fun and informative too. I had some computer glitch that turned off the projector. I didn’t know what was up and was about to give up when it suddenly came back on again. Anyway I need to update it a bit as I am getting bored doing the same one over and over.

El Cap Report 06/14/08

ElCap Report 6/14/08

By Tom Evans

Yo! Another nice day here in the Yosemite Valley. The Touron population is kind of down at the moment. The Bridge was pretty quiet today. Some climbers came and went and few stayed a long time save Amanda, Lee’s fiancé. She stayed until the bitter end, way after I left around 2pm. I have a show at the lodge tonight so this will be brief. Today’s report is brought to you by the guys out west, battling it out in the blinding sun and heat, far from the cool breezes and shade of the rats nest here at the bridge. Today’s Report.

El Cap Report 06/13/08

ElCap Report 6/13/08

 By Tom Evans

Ok, rodents stuck in the ever speeding wheel of inflation. You made your measly bones for today, know they will buy less tomorrow than today. So cast away your gloom for a moment and come with me to the Valley of your dreams. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine, if you will, that you are lounging in the shade of the giant pines here on the east end of the ElCap Bridge. A cool wind is blowing across the swiftly moving waters of the Merced river and the Captain, himself, fills your entire view to the North. The company is the best because we are people just like you. Today the rock is almost empty of climbers and the projected heat wave has not materialized. Mara brought a ton of healthy food, enough to feed everyone who shows up. There are too many beers ( an oxymoron, of course) to be consumed. Beautiful women, and studly climbers, are all over the place. The Rangers are waving and smiling as they drive by! And where are you? Lost in a life of endless toil just to make the bills. Well don’t despair, we are having all the fun you are missing out on. So all is not lost! Today’s ElCap report is brought to you by the grossly swollen knee of Brad Barlage, just in yesterday from SLC, with a couple of weeks to waste here. He figured he might as well be here as anywhere else with a bad knee. Today’s ElCap report is right now, in your face, so read it and weep…


El Cap Report 06/12/08

ElCap Report 6/12/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo… Well it was a beautiful and ugly day all in one here at the bridge. The weather was wonderful and there were many climbers hanging out at the bridge. For a lot of the day we had a great time watching as new action unfolded on the Cap. However, around 1pm a young climber who had just fixed on the Trip came up to me very upset and told me he had seen a body, at the base of the face, of someone who had fallen off the cliff. I talked to him for a few moments and then called 911. Rangers were immediately dispatched to the scene and the lad was interviewed and the location of the body ascertained. You can imagine how we all felt here at the bridge. It was like someone had sucker punched you in the stomach. Speculation was rampant of course. The young climber was quite upset and somewhat confused as to exactly what he saw. Was it a climber, a base jumper, a hiker? No one knew of course and all sorts of theories were proposed. Fortunately our SAR and LEO’s are the best in the business and knowing that it was in their hands and that a full and through investigation would follow was, in a way, a relief. But for several hours it was a grim scene here.


El Cap Report 06/11/08

ElCap Report 6/11/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo… very nice day here today. Perfect weather once again. Unfortunately, there was little action on the Captain to keep the interest high. So most of the day was spend just hanging around in the shade and talking shit with other loungers. The Tourons were thick as ticks on a dogs ear. And, to compound the problem, one of our “newbee” Colorado lads, you know the one, was answering the dreaded Touron question, “Are there any climbers up there?” With “why yes there are!” Instead of “No, not at this time.” Thus making them stop in their tracks and start a little game of “explain to me everything you know about climbing and show me all the climbers on the rock through that wonderful telescope.” When the Tourons departed, the lad received a through tongue lashing in the proper way to deal with Tourons at the bridge. Next time his mouth will be duct taped closed and he will be tied to a nearby tree! Today’s report is brought to you by Amanda, Lee Cossey’s fiancé, who was nice enough to bring me some healthy food for lunch and faithfully stay to watch “her man” even though he was doing nothing but sitting on a ledge most of the afternoon. Today’s Report.


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